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The month of June was marked by several cases of streamers and players banned for racism and transphobia. Hernan “hastad”, Pedro “Buxexa”, Welington “Racha” and Corinthians Danilo Avelar were punished by organizations, streaming platforms and sponsors, due to offensive comments at live and online game matches.

Boxwood, on the left, and Nobru, on the right (Image: Reproduction)

It is worth remembering that both racial slurs and transphobia violate not only the games’ codes of conduct, but also the Brazilian Penal Code. In cases like these, it’s important to use reporting tools in and out of games.

Hastad made a racist comment live from Valorant

Hastad (Image: Playback/Instagram @hernanklingler)

Hastad (Image: Playback/Instagram @hernanklingler)

The case of Hernan’s banning “hastad” happened on June 17, when user @caiquelps posted on Twitter a video in which Hastad used the word “black” to offend a teammate during a football match. Valorant. At the time, the player committed racism during a live on Twitch.

The video quickly went viral on social networks and soon reached famous names in esports, such as Rafael “Rakin”, who banned Hastad and the organization he was part of – Slick – from the next edition of the Rakin Cup.

Hastad also lost contracts with sponsors such as ExitLag and Redragon. Slick also suspended the player “from any involvement with the organization indefinitely”. In addition, the team provided professional psychological support to the streamer.

Twitch, while not speaking out publicly, banned Hastad from the platform on June 18th. So far, the streamer is still with the channel turned off. Before, he had already been suspended twice for other infractions, but recovered the account after seven days in both cases.

Buxexa and Racha were transphobic in live from Free Fire

Boxwood, on the left, and Racha, on the right (Image: Reproduction)

Boxwood, on the left, and Racha, on the right (Image: Reproduction)

Free Fire streamer Pedro “Buxexa” committed transphobia during a live, on June 19th. At the time, the player referred to the influencer Marcella Pantaleão as “a woman with three legs” and said that she “was a man”.

In a video posted on Twitter via @babblerfreefire, Buxexa and Welington “Racha” appear making transphobic comments while making fun of Bruno “Nobru”, for having liked a photo of Marcella, who is a transsexual.

On social networks, both Buxexa and Racha posted apologies. Marcella, on the other hand, published a video in which, crying, she said she would go to court to solve the case. Meanwhile, Nobru also cried in a video, but for another reason: he took the blame for Buxexa and Racha’s transphobic comments.

“This is all my fault. I can’t even speak, I know what they [Buxexa e Racha] they did it wrong, but I like them a lot. They are good-hearted people,” Nobru commented.

Soon after the video of the complaint was published, the organization Fluxo announced that it had canceled Buxexa’s contract with the team of Free Fire. Garena also took a stand, banning Buxexa and Racha from the BOOYAH! and the company’s influencers program.

Danilo Avelar committed racism in CS:GO

Danilo Avelar (Image: Rodrigo Coca/Ag. Corinthians)

Danilo Avelar (Image: Rodrigo Coca/Ag. Corinthians)

The most recent case involved former Corinthians soccer player Danilo Avelar. On June 22, the athlete was playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and called someone else in the match “fih (son) of a black girl”.

On Twitter, the user @obdfps posted a screenshot of the game’s chat with the comment of Avelar, who used the nickname “D.A35” in the game. After that, the athlete assumed responsibility for the racist speech and apologized for what happened. He even claimed to have offended the other player for allegedly being the target of xenophobic comments before.

Avelar’s racist act resulted in his banishment from the matchmaking platform In a statement, the site said it “vehemently repudiates this kind of thinking and conduct.” In addition, Corinthians decided to terminate Avelar’s contract with the club.

With information: The Enemy, Globo Esporte.

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