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O Carrefour started sales of Carrefour Chip, your own mobile operator. The service, launched in partnership with Surf Telecom, has unlimited WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook plans and was unveiled ahead of time exclusively by Techblog.

Carrefour starts sales of virtual mobile operator Carrefour Chip (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Carrefour sent to Techblog the list of release plans. All packages are prepaid:

internet package voice calls Unlimited apps monthly price
6 GB
(4GB plan + 2GB bonus)
100 minutes WhatsApp, Meu Carrefour and Cybercook
Instagram and Facebook free for 1 month
R$ 29,90
8 GB
(6GB plan + 2GB bonus)
Unlimited WhatsApp, Meu Carrefour and Cybercook
Instagram and Facebook free for 3 months
R$ 39,90
14 GB
(10 GB plan + 4 GB bonus)
Unlimited WhatsApp, Meu Carrefour and Cybercook
Instagram and Facebook free for 6 months
R$ 49,90

With the mobile telephony service, Carrefour hopes to “offer an even better and more complete shopping experience” and highlights the offer of special conditions for customers who recharge prepaid with the company’s credit card.

Carrefour Chip’s plans can even be interesting, depending on the customer’s use. Interestingly, the retailer managed to stand out compared to other Surf Telecom MVNOs – Correios Celular, Lari Cel and Caras Chip have virtually identical cell phone plans.

Carrefour Group employees are entitled to an exclusive plan, with the same benefits as the 14 GB plan but with a monthly price of R$39.90.

Carrefour Chip has ‘shy’ release

To Techblog, Carrefour said that the sale of chips will be available in a few stores. Not even a website for the virtual operator exists, although the Android app is already available for download.

So far, the following stores already sell Carrefour Chip plans:

  • Aricanduva
  • Sao Caetano do Sul
  • Lemon
  • tiete
  • fox Tavares
  • Interlagos
  • tambourine
  • Butantan
  • Osasco
  • Young Gronchi

Carrefour did not predict when the service will be launched in more cities and states, and only stated that the expansion schedule is “under discussion”.

So, you can say that the launch of Carrefour Chip was very timid, considering the size of the network. In addition to online operations, the retail group has a presence in all Brazilian states and has more than 200 points of sale including supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesalers and gas stations.

Anyway, expansion to more locations is on the company’s radar. The retailer says in the press release that Carrefour Chip “will be offered to millions of customers of the national supermarket chain”.

As Carrefour Chip uses TIM’s mobile network, coverage is not an issue: the parent operator operates in more than 4,000 cities in Brazil, including all capitals and key municipalities where Carrefour has a presence.

As previously revealed by the Techblog, the partnership between Carrefour and Surf Telecom has defined prices: the retail network is responsible for all the sale of chips, while the telecommunications provider must pass on a percentage of the recharges made by customers.

The percentage varies: Surf must pay 10% of the value of reloads made in any channel. If the addition of credits is made in physical or virtual stores of Carrefour without the intermediation of distributors, the transfer drops to 8%.

In the case of the sale of a rechargeable chip, Surf must pass on 7% as a commission. In addition, the contract between the supplier and the Carrefour Group establishes that 0.5% of the total received by the retailer must be used for Carrefour Chip media actions.

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