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The new confinement rules come into force this Saturday, March 20, 2021. As announced by Jean Castex, the exceptional travel certificate is still required. And as in previous confinements, the French will have the opportunity to take the air around their home. But the new rules now allow unlimited travel within a maximum radius of 10 km. Here’s how to calculate it quickly and easily.

10km radius calculation containment

The establishment of a new containment in the hope of curbing the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic was announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex on Thursday March 18 in a new televised address. The measures are a little more flexible compared to previous confinements, but they are logically more strict than those of the curfew.

With this re-containment, the exceptional travel certificate is still required. You can download it directly from the website of the Ministry of the Interior, either to use it in digital or paper format. Note that you can also access the certificate from the mobile application of TousAntiCovid, the medical tracing solution.

However, it can be tricky to make sure you are always within the authorized 10 km radius. For that, there is a free tool which allows you to materialize on a map this famous radius of one kilometer from your home.

How to calculate the 10 kilometer radius around the home

To make sure you don’t get a fine of 135 euros, we recommend that you consult one of these three free tools:

Geoportail, the most “official” method

Géoportail, the site of the National Geographic Institute, offers a mapping service competing with Google Maps with particularly advanced features which should facilitate this task. To calculate the radius:

  • Go to the map Geoportal
  • Enter your postal address (street, avenue or boulevard + postal code and city)
  • In the right bar, click on the adjustable wrench then Measurements> Calculate an isochrone
  • Enter your address in the Departure field
  • Select isodistance specifying 20 km, transport on foot and departure
  • Click on Calculate

A green area is then displayed on the map. We recommend that you take a capture of it and put it in the photos on your smartphone – the Géoportail site is not yet as practical as Google Maps. According to our tests, also note that the site seems to work better on Google Chrome and Firefox.

ESRI France, the more intuitive alternative

The ESRI France tool is pre-configured to easily calculate the 20 km perimeter on a map. For that :

  • Go to ESRI France
  • Search for an address or place, or use your current location and click Calculate the area
  • You can also zoom then click on any point on the map then press Calculate the area to display the perimeter

The method has the advantage, compared to the Géoportail site, of being much more intuitive.

CovidRadius, not necessarily the most complete

Like ESRI France, CovidRadius allows you to calculate the perimeter on a map without necessarily having to learn what an isochron is. The solution makes it possible to find the perimeter around an address very easily. However, it is not so easy to find the perimeter around a point chosen at random on the map. To use CovidRadius:

  • Meeting on CovidRadius
  • Enter the address in the left column

The perimeter around your address is then displayed immediately. However, as you will see it is then a “bird’s-eye” perimeter and not an isochrone which would represent the real distances to your home. We hope that there will be a tolerance between the two calculations, this not being clearly specified on the derogatory exit certificate.

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