Caixa Tem: how to update registration in the app to apply for a loan

During the coronavirus pandemic, the news spoke a lot about the application box haslinked to Federal Savings Bank. Through it, millions of Brazilians were able to receive the Emergency Aid between 2020 and 2021, a benefit intended to supplement the income of workers and their families who have gone through a difficult period during the quarantine.

However, the app was also developed for the maintenance of other social services and banking for various purposes, which can be managed directly from a mobile device with internet access. In this new model of digital social savings account offered by the state bank, users can make constant updates in the app to check out its news.

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One of them refers to loans, which can be requested through the app in a practical and safe way. Want to know more about it? Check out all the details that we will cover in the text below!

Updating data in Caixa Tem

Individuals and micro-entrepreneurs may apply for loans directly from Caixa Tem. However, to have access to this modality it is necessary to keep your application available for the operating systems Android e iOSupdated with the latest version offered by your device’s official app stores.

Furthermore, your data is also up to date fully within Caixa Tem, as this is the only way this special line of credit can be approved. From that point on, your request will be analyzed and can be automatically approved very quickly.

It is worth mentioning that your device must have the minimum requirements so that the installation takes place in the best possible way and the application can work correctly. Once it is low, access it with your data provided at the time of registration, also informing the password.

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It may be that the application already identifies that you need to perform a data update and a banner will appear on the screen for this to be done. Don’t forget to have an official photo ID in hand, such as RG or CNH.

1 – Enter your full address

In the first step, you will need provide your full address, informing CEP, Reference and other complements. If you have previously registered this information and, by any chance, ended up moving, you will need to tap on “My Address Changed” to enter the new information. After breaking down all the data, tap “Yes, it is correct” and proceed to the next step.

2 – Confirm nationality and assets

Caixa Tem will need to know if you was born in Brazil or is a foreigner. To do this, just confirm the information with a simple touch on the screen. Soon after, you need to inform about your monthly income and what your equity is. This data is essential for the loan application, as they will be checked very carefully at the time of credit analysis.

Therefore, if you have any property, vehicle or investments in your name, this is the time to inform Caixa. You can also provide documents that prove your fixed monthly income through payslips or work card. At this stage, the application will also ask for more details about your current professional activity. If you do not work or receive social benefits, it is important to highlight them during this process.

3 – Update income data

Continuing to update information directly in the application, in the field of Income bracket, it is important to indicate your monthly income, either from the gross amount described in the formal contract or an approximate amount of income if you are self-employed or micro-entrepreneur. Don’t forget to inform the date you started receiving these amounts.

not field of Equity Value, you will need to estimate the values ​​of the assets you own in your name. Once you have declared what you have in your possession, it is necessary to point out to Caixa Tem how much they can be worth in the market in sum. Once this is informed, just check that the information is correct, editing quickly if necessary, and proceed.

4 – Send the documents through the Caixa Tem app

At the end of the process, you will need to take a front and back photo of RG or CNH and also a selfie in which your face will be highlighted. Remember to choose a well-lit room with a neutral background so that even if your phone’s photo quality is low, everything is clear in the foreground.

After the photos, just complete the data update and send them for analysis. From that point, the app gives a period of up to ten days to validate the information. When everything is checked, you will be notified, positively or negatively, about the information. If so, you will be able to apply for your loan without leaving home only through Caixa Tem.

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