Buser has buses seized by ANTT on the eve of the holiday | Brazil

To enjoy the weekend and the holiday this Monday (12), many people chose to travel by bus. But some users of Buser had problems: on Friday (9), the National Land Transportation Agency (ANTT) seized several vehicles operating on the platform on charges of clandestine transport.

Buses serving Buser (image: Buser)

Baptized Operation Pascal, ANTT’s action was carried out on BR-116 at a point close to the city of Itatiaia (RJ). Eight vehicles were seized, most, if not all, providing service to Buser. Destinations included cities such as Niterói (RJ), Volta Redonda (RJ) and Juiz de Fora (MG).

Buser does not operate its own vehicles. All buses, even those that have a painting referring to the service, belong to tourism or charter companies that join the platform.

According to the company, the trips offered follow the “collaborative charter” model, when a group of people interested in traveling from one city to another is connected to companies authorized to carry passengers by charter. Buser is responsible for acting, through its website and applications, as a platform that intermediates between the two parties.

But, in a statement sent to the Shipping Diary, ANTT argued that the companies that had seized buses declare that they make round trips as tour groups, but, in practice, they only make one-way journeys, an operation that is only allowed to transport companies that have regular lines.

THE Shipping Diary published videos that indicate that the operation conducted by ANTT had moments of tension. One shows a man who claims to be a Buser lawyer trying to get on one of the seized buses to talk to passengers, but not having permission from ANTT agents to do so.

In the note sent to Shipping Diary, the organization says that lawyers and videographers hired by Buser try to hinder the work of their inspectors. “The publication on social networks of opinions for intimidating purposes embodying the performance of inspectors in fulfilling the duty to inspect ANTT’s standard will incur the appropriate legal measures”, adds the body.

Sought, Buser decided not to comment on the operation, but cited a writ of mandamus received on Friday by the Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region in favor of Fornasa Transportes e Turismo, one of the companies linked to the platform. The decision aims precisely to prevent seizures of vehicles connected to Buser by ANTT.

For federal judge Fernando Marcelo Mendes, “technological innovation is not found in collective chartering, but in its insertion and adaptation to the digital world, which, far from hurting the guarantees of universality, continuity and regularity of the social right to transport, makes even more effective, by promoting the connection between the potential customer and the companies that provide the vehicle charter service ”.

Apparently, the warrant was not granted in time to avoid the operation carried out by ANTT on Friday, but at least it must guarantee the realization of bus trips connected to Buser on the return of this holiday.

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