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Hey guys! Murilo here. In this week’s column, I want to talk about a really cool project from Itch.io. The gaming platform is offering a bundle with more than 500 independent games for PC for just US$ 10 (about R$50 in direct conversion). This bundle is available until March 18 and includes hits like Celeste, Superhot e Skatebird — all without DRM protection.

Bundle for Ukraine offers over 500 indie games, including Celeste, Superhot and Skatebird (Image: Handout/Matt Makes Games, Superhot Team and Glass Bottom Games)

In addition to guaranteeing hundreds of sensational games in the package, Itch.io or donate all the proceeds raised with sales to Ukrainian charities such as International Medical Corps it’s at Voices of Children. This second organization, for example, is responsible for caring for the mental health of children who have been exposed to the traumas of war.

The collection has already exceeded the initial goal of $4 million, but you can still contribute for the next six days at will. The amount of US$ 10 charged for the package is the minimum accepted by the platform, however you can donate any amount above that without any problems when making the payment.

Bundle for Ukraine includes indie games and more

O Bundle for Ukraine brings together creations from more than 700 independent producers. Beyond the 573 games indiethe pack features hundreds of desktop RPGs to print and play with friends in person, as well as dozens of artwork, soundtracks, comics, digital books, and even development tools.

I believe that many of you should be more interested in games. Among the indie games in the pack are popular hits such as Celeste, Superhot, Skatebird, Jotun and many others. THE Itch.io even offers A Short Hike — my personal statement in a previous column.

There are also dozens of other lesser-known games that most might miss. Here are some suggestions:


Inspired by 16-bit 2D action games, CrossCode is frantic combat that values ​​quick reflexes and strategic use of the laws of physics. There are also plenty of Zelda-style puzzles to solve and challenging bosses to defeat amidst the sci-fi storyline.

The fry

Ynglet is a platformer with no platforms. That’s what you read. The game reinvents the genre and puts you in the role of an invertebrate creature that has to go through levels with floating bubbles. The idea of ​​the title is to be an abstract but relaxing experience.

Welcome To Elk

Released in 2020, Welcome To Elk is a point-and-click adventure that tells real stories and absurd happenings. You take on the role of young Frigg, who has left the hectic city life to work in a remote place. There, she learns many life lessons while meeting people of all kinds.

Bundle for Ukraine games don’t work on Steam

Outside of the bundle, the prices of all 992 items offered would exceed the U$S 6,5 mil. In other words, Bundle for Ukraine allows you to buy around R$33,000 worth of games and other digital products for just R$ 50. This is a beautiful opportunity to guarantee many games and still help those who need it in the process.

It is worth mentioning that all games purchased in the package are free from DRM protections, like Denuvo. For that reason, the Itch.io does not provide the games in keys to redeem on Steam. All titles need to be downloaded and installed individually on the PC.

For less war in the world and more fun

Anyone who wants to purchase the Bundle for Ukraine only needs to visit the Itch.io website, create an account and carry out the transaction by PayPal or credit card. It is also possible to present a person with the package by email.

Payment is made in US Dollars, so an international card is required.

Na página do Bundle for Ukraine, a Necrosoft Games — responsible for organizing the fundraiser — thanks all the participants for their support and leaves the following message: “We support Ukrainians and all people around the world who despise war”.

Around here, all I want most now is the end this pointless conflict.

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