Bujas left the panel: The HDZ member asked me if I wanted Croatia

THE PRESIDENT of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association, Hrvoje Bujas, described today the situation from the panel in Zadar, which was also attended by HDZ MP Grozdana Perić.

We are transmitting his announcement in its entirety.

“Did you, Mr. Bujas, want this country, did you want Croatia?

Grozdana Perić, a dead cold HDZ MP, asked me today at a panel in Zadar (for which I assume that none of you or the vast majority of you have any idea who she is, but she has been receiving her parliamentary salary for the last 4 years, you have secured a pension !)

Yes, she also asked me if I loved Croatia, and similar nonsense and nonsense, and only because I clearly asked her and all the politicians present (Prof. Ante Roncevic, from the University of the North, on behalf of the DP, and Ivan Gulam, Mayor of Pirovac, on behalf of Fokus / Pametno / STRIP) to boldly embark on the necessary and comprehensive reforms in accordance with our 4 postulates, and stressed that we need to reduce and digitize public administration and local self-government, that we all, not just entrepreneurs, necessarily we need to be efficiently judicial, and to demand the reduction and abolition of parafiscal levies, income tax, as well as the exemption from paying income tax when reinvesting it, and I additionally emphasized the necessity of abolishing the so-called consumption tax of 3%, as well as acceptance in the operating cost of invoices in catering facilities in full, as well as payment of VAT on collection etc … all already well-known requirements of UGP “, he wrote.

“She added that I was a socialist”

He also described what he answered her.

“Of course, when she asked me how I would reduce public administration, would I fire nurses, police officers … I told her that it was enough with pathos, and that I would fire bureaucrats like her, and raise the salaries of all police officers, and not to twist my words, because all of the above are not the parasitic public sector I am talking about.

I emphasized that I am tired of listening to false promises and hollow stories, and that they either start telling concrete things and carrying them out or leave some to someone else!

After the very Member of Parliament repeated the question to me with the words ‘were you for the creation of Croatia’ and added that I was a socialist (I really don’t know where her thesis came from, so far when they attacked me they mostly said I was a neoliberal capitalist 😇) , I told her that there is no monopoly on Croatia, and that the fact that I do not agree with her position and ask for smaller states (less bureaucracy and less taxes) does not declare me as an opponent, but rather as a supporter of what we in UGP- u we call Croatia 2.0, a modern, transparent, tolerant and rich country of all its citizens, maybe not exactly in those words, it doesn’t matter, but if I was surprised by its low attack … I did) … and I left the panel! For the first time in my life, ”he adds.

“I can’t listen to that shit anymore **”

He says he left the panel because he could no longer “listen to that shit”.

“And my departure is a clear message – I can’t listen to that shit anymore … I invite you all, when you’re tired of listening to politicians run … go!

I wonder, what’s next?

All of us who think differently from the rulers and who are looking for more work, #Digitalization, more justice and less taxes, are we against Croatia, is there any retaliation, will our blood cells be counted (let them count, and I am too Croat and I love Croatia too much 🇭🇷)

I sincerely hope that she was just without arguments and utters it in affection for which she is now to blame, because such attacks below the belt, if you have nothing to say, are inadmissible in a modern and democratic state.

I sincerely hope that the vast majority of HDZ MPs, officials would not allow themselves something like this in public, I hope at least. Therefore, I hold this more by prevention and drawing attention to the problem, which I honestly did not expect, I thought that at least we as a society have overcome it, “concluded Bujas.

You can also see his post at this link.

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