Bruce Willis: 10 best movies with the star

Bruce Willis became one of the most consecrated actors in the world of cinema and starred in a series of famous films around the world. After the series’ success The Cat and the MouseWillis began to be cast in major productions and became very recognized in Hard to Kill.

Thus, even after 40 years of his first major production, the actor still manages to remain an icon on the big screen and has an enviable resume.

With that in mind, we brought a selection with the 10 best movies with the star Bruce Willis for you to enjoy in your leisure time. Check out!

10. Looper – Assassins of the Future

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This is a work that has managed to take the best of Willis over the last 15 years and explore his age and experience, a fact that has hindered him in other productions. He plays a character who is trying to prevent the murder of his wife by killing the murderer in the past and, throughout the plot, we see how cruel time can be with a man, a point that stands out in the film.

9. Moonrise Kingdom

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Bruce stars alongside Frances MdDormand, Tilda Swinton and Bill Murray in this work and, despite having a supporting role, the actor manages to deliver a great performance to the audience. He plays a police captain in the small town of New Penzance, who must deal with the escape of two young men in love after sheltering a boy who has been kicked out of his home.

8. Death Suits You

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Stars Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn share this work with star Bruce Willis who, although not as prominent as the ladies, still manages to stand out throughout the film. Death Suits You follows Meryl’s character seeking youth, until, in an argument with Willis’ character, she falls down the stairs and becomes unrecognizable for plastic surgery repairs.

7. The Twelve Monkeys

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This is a very well produced science fiction for the time of release and follows the character of Bruce, a prisoner handpicked to be sent to the past. His mission is to find the source of a killer virus that has been destroying the world, so that the scientists of the future can develop a cure and end the plague.

6. Armageddon

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Bruce brings Stamper to life in Armageddonwhich is the main deep-water oil driller in the world and very important to this plot, which follows the search for Earth’s salvation after Stamper discovers that an asteroid is heading towards the planet and could completely destroy it.

5. Sin City – The City of Sin

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This adaptation of the comics of the same name, developed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, was consecrated as one of the best in all of history and the star Bruce played a great role in this work. The character played by the star is a true hero who prevents a child killer from finding young Nancy Callahan and raping her, before killing her.

4. Closed body

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Closed body is part of a trilogy of hits and follows the character of Willis, a former football player who loses the movement of his legs after a car accident and, with that, also loses his dream in the sport. However, after being the sole survivor of a deadly train crash, David begins to search for answers about what happened to him and the consequences are greater than he expected.

3. Or Sixth Sense

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This 90s classic follows a child psychologist, played by Bruce, who begins working with a boy named Cole and tries to understand why the child claims to be able to communicate with the dead. The twist at the end of the film and Willis’ performance in this drama were essential in making this one of his best works.

2. Pulp Fiction: Times of Violence

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Bruce accepted to participate in this great work of Tarantino and the result was better than the fans expected. The film follows a boxer who gets involved with the mafia and ends up not pleasing them so much, having to deal with the consequences of that decision and his love for his boss’s wife.

1. Hard to Kill

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This first place needed to be from this work, in fact, from the entire franchise Hard to Killsince they were the best productions starring the star and made him this icon of cinemas.

He accompanies a New York police officer who goes to visit his family for Christmas and ends up having his plans interrupted by terrorists. Thus, the work managed to bring out all of Bruce’s skill as an actor in action productions and the result is magnificent.

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