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A UK- and Russian-based marketing agency would have paid Brazilian YouTuber Everson Zoio, with nearly 13 million YouTube subscribers and more than 3 million Instagram followers, to spread false information related to the death rate of vaccines against to COVID-19. In this case, the influencer was hired to publish a table that insinuated that the Pfizer immunizer had a 3 times higher lethality when compared to the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

YouTuber Everson Zoio made contact with Fazze to question the effectiveness of vaccines against COVID-19 (Image: Reproduction/Everson Zoio)

Brazilian YouTuber deleted video badmouthing Pfizer

According to an investigation by German investigative journalist Daniel Laufer, the Brazilian YouTuber accepted an offer of unknown value made by Fazze to publish false content about the Pfizer vaccine.

In an e-mail sent to another YouTuber — Frenchman Léo Grasset — the agency requires the influencer to show the public a table of cases of death after using immunizers; Grasset should then point out that the incidence of deaths in people who have taken the Pfizer vaccine is 3 times higher than that of Oxford AstraZeneca.

Everson Zoio showed the same material in one of his videos. The content clashes with what is usually posted on your channel, such as pranks and song spoofs.

The German journalist confronted Everson and Indian YouTuber Ashkar Techy — who also accepted Fazze’s offer — with the information. They deleted the videos, and did not respond to Laufer’s questions.

In another video, the Brazilian YouTuber does not criticize Pfizer, but AstraZeneca. He states that the effectiveness of the immunizing agent is 70%, and says that “the others are elevated (sic) to at least 90 (%). Superior, right?”

In fact, Oxford’s AstraZeneca vaccine offers protection from the Delta variant of the coronavirus, a cause of worldwide concern, up to 67% after the two doses; that of Pfizer’s immunizing agent reduces the development of disease symptoms by up to 88%, according to a study by New England Journal of Medicine.

AstraZenca’s immunizer, however, is 100% effective in treating severe cases of COVID-19, according to the University of Oxford, UK. Both immunizations are enough to control the pandemic, experts say.

In an email sent to a French YouTuber, the agency says that the influencer must show a table and point out that the incidence of cases of people who took Pfizer’s immunizing agent is 3 times higher than that of Oxford’s AstraZeneca vaccine.

The table included in the Fazze e-mail compiles suspicious articles and vaccination data from different countries taken out of context.

Fazze Homepage (Image: Reproduction)

Fazze Homepage (Image: Reproduction)

For example, the table shows the number of people who die after receiving the Pfizer vaccine but who may have died from another cause, such as a car accident. In addition, data are taken from countries where the majority of the population has been immunized with Pfizer doses, so it is to be expected that the death rate will be proportional.

Even with wrong data, Fazze offered 2,000 euros for Leo Grasset to disclose the false information. He exposed the offer on his Twitter account. Since then, all articles linked in the company briefing have been deleted.

66% of Fazze employees live in Russia

O Techblog tried to contact Fazze. The report found the email of a company consultant, called “Ariana”. When emailing her, the correspondence is blocked by a sales address from a marketing agency called Adnow.

According to the BBC, Fazze is part of Adnow, which has offices in the UK and Russia. However, the Techblog found that two-thirds of employees live in the capital Moscow, and in Novosibirsk, the country’s third-largest city.

The agency has an employee in Brazil who declares himself as Adnow’s account manager in the country. He didn’t answer the questions from Techblog about the operation of the Russian company on national territory.

The BBC contacted Adnow UK director Ewan Tolladay. He says that, in light of recent scandals involving the company in paying YouTubers to broadcast fake news, the operation of the British branch will be shut down.

Adnow website, owner of Fazze, which is based in the UK and Russia (Image: Reproduction)

Adnow website, owner of Fazze, which is based in the UK and Russia (Image: Reproduction)

One of Fazze’s partners would be Russian Stanislav Fesenko and another person, whose identity is unknown.

Russia denies involvement with Fazze and Adnow

French and German authorities — a German YouTuber was also approached by Fazze with a proposal to spread disinformation — have been called into action and are expected to investigate the case.

The German Green Party’s international affairs spokesman suggested that Fazze’s Moscow connection should be the target of the inquiry:

“Bad talk of vaccines in the West undermines confidence in our democracies and gives more credence to Russia’s vaccines. There is only one side that benefits from this: the Kremlin.”

In a statement, Russia’s embassy in London denied the country’s involvement in fake news marketing and said it treats the COVID-19 pandemic as a “global problem and is therefore not interested in undermining efforts to fight it.” Russian ambassadors say Pfizer’s vaccine is one of the ways to control the virus.

O Techblog tried contacting Everson Zoio, and asked if the YouTuber had in fact been hired to badmouth Pfizer or AstraZeneca, but got no response until the story was published.

With information: BBC

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