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It’s just over a month before the Black Friday 2021, and a survey of Coversion shows the expectations of Brazilian consumers for the big trade event. Of course: “economy” is the keyword at the moment — research shows that the most intend to spend a maximum of R$1 thousand with purchases in that period. On the other hand, the product category that arouses the most interest is cell phones. Hard, live?

Android phone (Image: N.Tho.Duc/Unsplash)

Conversion’s survey was conducted with 400 Brazilians with internet access, and states that 87.75% should make purchases this year. An increase of 14.7% compared to 2020, which is related to the post-pandemic economic recovery.

The results show that most are willing to spend less than R$1,000. Among these, the minority aimed at spending up to R$150 (4.56%), while 29.06% said they planned to pay between R$500 and R$1 thousand on Black Friday 2021 purchases. Respondents said that the total value of purchases should be in the range of R$ 150 to R$ 500.

Consumer spending intention on Black Friday 2021 (Image: Reproduction/Conversion)

As you can see in the chart above, approximately 35% of respondents think about spending more than R$1,000 — with only 7.98% considering that the value exceeds R$3,000 on purchases on Black Friday.

Despite this, the research reveals that when the subject is Most Desired Product Category, Cell Phones Come First, mentioned by 66.67% of consumers. Next, we have electronics and appliances (60.68%), and in third, fashion and accessories (47.58%).

The result is, to say the least, curious, since electronics, including smartphones, have become more expensive in Brazil in the last year.

Purchase intention on Black Friday 2021 (Image: Reproduction/Conversion)

can you find cell phone Good for less than R$1 thousand?

It will not be easy. Of the cell phones most sought after by Brazilians in September, none of them currently cost less than R$1,000. We have some candidates for promotions, such as the Moto G30, which currently sells for around R$1,220, and the Galaxy A32, which can be found for just over R$1,300.

The Redmi Note 8 is another well-selling model that can fetch less than R$1,000 on Black Friday — but in this case, it’s good to pay attention to its origin, since many Xiaomi devices come from the gray market. It also remains to be seen if we won’t have those common cases of “Black Fraud”, when you pay half the double for the dreamed product.

Used cell phones can be a saving option

Buying a second-hand cell phone can be a good thing for those on a tighter budget. If you are among the 26.78% willing to pay between R$1,000 and R$3,000 for a smartphone, you can get good deals on used smartphones, including the Galaxy S10, the best-selling used cell phone in August, which is priced in the range of R$1,689.

Trusted stores on Black Friday 2021

Conversion’s research also shows consumers’ favorite stores where they plan to purchase products on sale on Black Friday. In first place comes Americanas (17.67%), followed by Magazine Luiza (14.9%) and Amazon (11.98%). Next, we have Casas Bahia (9.83%), Free Market (9.68%) and Shopee (6.76%).

It is worth remembering that in September, Shopee was notified by Procon-SP after an increase of 2,600% in complaints, most of them about difficulties in refunding and returning amounts paid. Mercado Livre has recently signed an Anti-piracy guide, with good practices to prevent advertisements and sale of illegal products on the platform.

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