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THE Galaxy S22 e o S22 Ultra were approved in Brazil recently. But, contrary to what is expected, it is possible that future cell phones from Samsung are revealed in the national market with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. In addition, the South Korean brand has postponed the launch of its new processor Exynos 2200 once again.

Supposed Galaxy S22 (Image: Playback/LetsGoDigital)
Supposed Galaxy S22 (Image: Playback/LetsGoDigital)

The two smartphones have already received the green light from the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). In the case of the Galaxy S22, Anatel approved the SM-S901E/DS model cell phone on January 5th. The Ultra edition was approved by the Brazilian entity this Monday (10th) under the code SM-S908E/DS.

But, contrary to what was expected, it is possible that the stores in Brazil will receive the variants that would be taken to Africa and Asia, the same ones that were certified by Anatel. According to an article by GalaxyClub, there are high chances that models with the code ending in “E” will be released with Snapdragon chip. The same goes for the “SM-S90xU” variants, which would be destined for the United States.

But the Exynos chip will not be left out of cell phones. The component would be taken, for example, to South Korea in phones with models SM-S901N, SM-S906N and SM-S908N. In Europe and other regions, the SM-S901B, SM-S906B and SM-S908B editions are expected to be announced with the South Korean brand chip.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that cell phones from the line would be launched in Brazil with Snapdragon. In 2018, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S9 with the Snapdragon 845. Brazilians also received the Galaxy S20 FE edition with the Qualcomm processor a few months after the national debut. However, in releases since the Galaxy S10, the company has been focusing on Exynos.

Galaxy S22 Ultra publicity image leaks on Twitter (Image: Playback/Evan Blass)
Galaxy S22 Ultra publicity image leaks on Twitter (Image: Playback/Evan Blass)

Samsung delays the launch of the Exynos 2200 for the Galaxy S22

The Exynos 2200, whose name has not yet been confirmed, could be the future processor of the South Korean brand. The main expectation for the chip revolves around graphics with the RDNA 2 architecture, as announced by AMD CEO Lisa Su in May. Samsung, however, delayed the release of the component once again.

The debut of the chip has been awaited since last year. On Instagram, the company made a post on the profile @samsungexynos to announce that “everything changes on November 19, 2021” and that it was deleted some time later. Later, on December 30, the brand took to Twitter to announce another date:

“#PlayTimeIsOver. The gaming market is about to get serious. Stay tuned for the next Exynos with new GPU born from RDNA 2. January 11, 2022.”

Despite this, the profile tweet @SamsungExynos was also deleted. And it doesn’t stop there: even the teaser published on YouTube that brought the same date and also hinted that a new Exynos processor would be revealed was removed from the platform. In the end, the processor was not announced on Tuesday (11).

“We are planning to reveal the new processor at the time of the launch of a new Samsung smartphone,” said a Samsung official. The representative also added that “there are no problems with the production and performance of the AP”, a reaction to rumors that the delay in the chip’s launch was related to the shortage of semiconductors.

The decision, obviously, gave rise to talk. There was even speculation that Samsung would launch the Galaxy S22 line only with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. But let’s not let emotions get the best of us, as the company said to the SamMobile this Wednesday (12) that the launch of the chip is standing.

Possibly, the statement by the employee of the South Korean brand is related to the debut of the Galaxy S22, which should be announced globally in February.

With information: Android Police, Ars Technica, GalaxyClub and SamMobile

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