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Sergio Rangel is a biologist known for his content on wild animals and the environment. After the cell phone used to prepare his videos stopped working, the specialist asked the Samsung to get a new smartphone via Twitter. But the biologist received support from another manufacturer: the Xiaomi.

Biologist Sérgio Rangel asks Samsung for help to get a new cell phone (Image: Playback/Twitter)

The request was published this Sunday (21). In the video, the biologist thanked the support of those who follow his project when there was a “kitty” after he lost his notebook about a year ago due to rain. He then reported that his Samsung cell phone stopped working after five years of use.

The problem is that this incident precisely impedes your work. “I really need a mobile device mainly because I record my videos to YouTube with my mobile phone,” he said. Rangel also explained that he registers wild animals that appear in his house, which is located in an area of ​​the Atlantic Forest, with his smartphone.

But what to do to resolve this situation? Rangel devised a strategy to get Samsung’s attention. The idea is quite simple: he just needed his followers to help carry the hashtag #SamsungAjudeOSergioRangel forward via Twitter. As a result, the South Korean brand would be moved to help the biologist.

The outcome, on the other hand, was not quite as expected.

Samsung requests submission of campaign proposal by DM

Samsung Brazil’s answer came the next day. But the company did not respond to the request: “despite following and admiring your work, unfortunately I will not be able to help you in this way, for the time being. Let’s do this? Send me a DM with a campaign proposal, and I’ll send it to the responsible team. It might be?”

It didn’t take long and it was Xiaomi Brasil’s turn to join the conversation in response to its rival. The Chinese brand stated that its “stock of pampering was low”, but that its “mission is to innovate for everyone and that also means encouraging science and education”. Therefore, the company “found a way” and got “an amazing device” for the biologist.

The interaction between Sérgio Rangel and the companies caused a stir. This Tuesday morning (23), both Xiaomi and Samsung were among the hottest topics on Twitter. Part of this highlight came through a tweet with prints of the interaction between the three and the following message: “the beating Xiaomi gave Samsung”.

Interaction between biologist Sérgio Rangel and Samsung Brasil (Image: Reproduction/Twitter)
Interaction between biologist Sérgio Rangel and Samsung Brasil (Image: Reproduction/Twitter)

Samsung’s response is the target of criticism on Twitter

The response from the South Korean brand resulted in criticism on social media. Also this Monday (22), in a retweet to Samsung’s publication, the biologist thanked everyone for their engagement and vented: “at this time I feel sorry for being a teacher and not an ex-BBB”. Meanwhile, the company replied: “I will wait for your proposal, Sérgio!”.

Rangel posted another video in the sequel. The biologist said he has been unemployed for over two years and stressed that he needs a smartphone to produce his material. “Unfortunately, these large, large companies, which could help us, don’t give a damn about culture, knowledge, science,” he said.

In addition to the biologist, other Twitter users complained about Samsung’s reaction. “Of course, social media can’t give cell phones to anyone, but in this case, it was better to have gone straight through the messages,” tweeted one person. “Samsung distributes top-of-the-line devices to wealthy celebrities, but an educator responds like that.”

“A scientific popularizer with years of career got slapped and asked for a new cell phone from Samsung because his one broke,” said another user. “The brand’s response was ‘it won’t happen, but send a campaign proposal that we can see’. If I was a dancing influencer, I would win the most expensive device.”

“Samsung has the right to do nothing, as does Xiaomi,” reported another user. “But in this case, she lost in image and empathy with a citizen who writes content about the environment and so many relevant issues.”

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