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More banks are opening a pre-registration for the PIX, which will be released to everyone in November. The most recent of these is the Bradesco, which updated its internet banking application to register CPF, cell phone number or email as transfer keys. THE Original Bank is performing a similar process through chatbot. THE Bank of Brazil, in turn, invites customers to update contact details.

The PIX keys allow you to share only your social security number or cell phone number for someone else to transfer you. Thus, it is not necessary to inform your branch and account, not even the destination bank. The registration of these keys in the Central Bank system will take place from October 5; instant transfers will launch on 16 November.

The app Bradesco for iPhone and Android you are receiving the PIX option in the main menu: by touching this button, you can pre-register your keys. You can choose your CPF, linked to the bank’s registration; mobile number, which will require a confirmation code sent by SMS; and / or email address, also confirmed using a numeric string.

In turn, the Original performs this process through chatbot. You open the application, tap Help and receive a message from the virtual assistant about the PIX. She explains what the PIX keys are, and warns that each individual account can have up to five keys.

Finally, you will be asked to confirm your intention to register CPF and mobile number as keys to the Original account:

Original Bank and PIX

Banco do Brasil asks to update registration for PIX

THE Bank of Brazil is not actually pre-registering. The institution has a page dedicated to PIX and, for the time being, only asks to update the personal data associated with your account.

“This is necessary because information such as e-mail, telephone number, CPF or CNPJ has a fundamental role in identifying users and transactions in this payment method”, explains BB.

On the desktop, access Banco do Brasil’s PIX page. Under “Do you want to update your registration to take advantage of Pix?”, Click “Only if it is now”. You will have to login and install the guardian, if it is not present on your PC. On your phone, it’s easier: open the BB app, go to Profile> My registration and follow the instructions.

BB also has a “I’m interested” form about PIX, which asks you to enter your full name, CPF, cell phone number and e-mail. That done, you will see the message “soon we will contact you with more information”.

Banco do Brasil and PIX

More banks and fintechs pre-register for PIX

Nubank, Inter and Santander are pre-registering for PIX. The same goes for Paid Market: this option is available on a card on the app’s home page: tap it, then “Make pre-registration”, and confirmation will appear that your CPF will be associated with the payment account.

Mercado Pago and PIX

Each personal data can be linked to only one bank account. For example:

  • you can register your CPF to receive money on Nubank’s digital account (formerly known as NuConta);
  • your email address may be associated with a Bradesco account;
  • your cell phone number can be registered at Santander for the SX platform.

PIX keys are portable, which can lead to a dispute between banks for customer registration. In the hypothetical case above, you could unsubscribe your CPF from Nubank and register it with Bradesco. That way, people would continue to use only their CPF to make transfers, without needing an agency and account – but now the money would fall into another bank.

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