Bozinovic: There are about 350,000 tourists in Croatia at the moment

CROATIA currently has about 350,000 foreign guests, which is a rarity not only in Europe, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said on Sunday during a visit to the PISMO Business Incubator in Novska.

Bozinovic, president of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, said this in response to a journalist’s question about how he interprets the spread of the coronavirus infection and about the possibilities of introducing even more rigorous protection measures.

There are no data on more severe clinical pictures of newly infected

“It is important that at the moment there is no data that these are more difficult clinical pictures, there is no one on the respirator yet, but we monitor and analyze the situation on a daily basis,” he said.

As for Đakovo, where the new focus of the infection is, Božinović states that the epidemiological services are keeping the situation under control and will best assess the need for more rigorous measures. Thus, the Chrism celebrations were postponed, but no initiative for stricter measures came from the epidemiologist, he said.

He noted that the Headquarters decided that the inspectors would visit nightclubs and monitor compliance with the instructions of the CNIPH, which he would soon, he announced, analyze and, if necessary, resort to other measures.

At the same time, they suggest, Bozinovic pointed out, that all trips abroad that are not necessary be postponed for another period, in order to bring the situation under control, which applies not only to BiH but also to other neighboring countries.

Brussels’ recommendation to open the flow of passengers between the EU and 15 countries is still under consideration

He did not want to comment on the recommendation from Brussels on opening the free flow of passengers between the EU and 15 countries, including Serbia and Montenegro, as of July 1, stating only that the decision is still being discussed and that its text has not been agreed yet.

During a visit to the Entrepreneurship Incubator, he announced that the government will help develop new technologies, and investments in the gaming industry in Novska will help the city become the regional center of that industry.

“We have proven this so far, and in our program we have planned to be a partner in all those programs that are oriented towards future technologies, towards the creative industry, which to a large extent depends on the incentive from below,” he said.

Novska, he emphasized, showed that initiative and congratulated everyone in the industry, including Mayor Marin Piletic, because they understood that potential and “together with the government showed that they follow trends”.

Novska has proven to be the center of the gaming industry, the government will help

“At this moment, Novska has shown that the center of the gaming industry, the only city that in the last year, received two hundred young people as its new residents, which is a demographic measure. And through the Technical School in Sisak we will help this development, because in the interest of Novska becoming one of the brands of the gaming industry outside Croatia, “he said.

He announced that in the new mandate, the government, which he is convinced will be formed by the HDZ, will cooperate intensively on this project, “because it is an industry that exports 99 percent of its products”. “It is a very profitable industry in every respect,” Bozinovic said.

He pointed out that Croatia knows how to think strategically, so such and similar projects related to creative industries, which he mentioned as an integral part of the HDZ’s election program “Safe Croatia”, “have not only a partner but also people who have identified with such projects “.

Novljan Mayor Piletić noted that PISMO is the only business incubator in the country that specializes in video games.

“So far, 25 million kuna has been invested in the project, and about thirty game development companies are operating in the incubator. The idea came from the county development agency SIMORA, and the incubator is expanding its activities with educational programs,” he said.

During his stay in PISMO, Božinović toured the most modern technology with simulators for the development of video games, and he himself sat in one of the simulators.

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