Bolsonaro talks about solar energy: it is necessary to “fight not to tax anything” | Legislation

President Jair Bolsonaro told supporters on Thursday that he must veto proposals circulating in Congress to apply tariffs to those who opt for solar energy. He said that it is necessary to “fight not to tax anything”. Currently, a bill is being processed in the Chamber of Deputies that guarantees discounts for 26 years for electricity bills for houses and buildings powered by solar panels.

Jair Bolsonaro (Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR - 07/02/20)

Jair Bolsonaro (Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR – 07/02/20)

Bolsonaro defends tax exemption for the sector since 2020

After a meeting with the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), Bolsonaro defended investments in the solar energy sector, at a time when Brazil is going through one of the worst water crises in history. “We cannot create problems for those who want to invest in solar energy”, said the President of the Republic.

Bolsonaro has already defended the exemption of taxes and fees on photovoltaic companies in 2020, when he asked the then presidents of the Chamber and Senate — Rodrigo Maia (non-party) and David Alcolumbre (DEM-AP) —em to reverse a decision by Aneel (National Agency) of Electric Energy) that imposed tariffs on the sector.

Project wants discount in the solar energy sector until 2047

This week, congressmen in favor of Bill 5829/2019, which extends the exemption from charging to small and micro solar energy suppliers until 2047, protested with 400 people linked to solar energy companies on the Esplanada dos Ministérios. Among the deputies who joined the demonstration was the rapporteur Lafayette de Andrada (Republicanos-AM).

“This manifestation shows the appeal that this project has for the whole of Brazil. There are people who came from all regions of the country and we know that they are mobilizing and talking to the deputies of their states,” Lafayette told Canal Solar. According to the deputy, the text has great chances of being approved by the Chamber’s Plenary.

The idea of ​​PL 5829 is to create a sustainable business environment for the electricity sector, which could increase its share of the Brazilian market. The discount would only be for photovoltaic suppliers created for up to 1 year upon approval by the law. Any company that registers in the Electric Energy Compensation System (SCEE) within the period will have access to the discount.

Brazil has the worst volume in reservoirs in history

Brazil is going through a delicate moment in the hydroelectric sector. According to data from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, between September 2020 and April 2021, the country had the smallest volume of water stored in reservoirs in history.

Earlier this month, the National Electric System Operator (ONS) – the Ministry’s body that monitors energy generation – issued a note warning of critical reserve levels in hydroelectric plants that supply the South, Southeast and Central regions. West.

The Itaipu plant faced the worst drought in history in 2020 (Image: Alan Santos-PR/Flickr)

The Itaipu plant faced the worst drought in history in 2020 (Image: Alan Santos-PR/Flickr – 07/04/2021)

The president of INEL (National Electric Energy Institute), Heber Galarce, points out that the scenario highlights the importance of the bill that offers a discount to the solar energy sector.

In a statement, Galarce asks Arthur Lira to speed up the vote on PL 5829:

“The bill, the result of a broad debate on the issue of developing clean and renewable energy in the country, had its vote postponed five times. The president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, must assume the commitment to guide this strategic project for the country”.

The president of INEL says that the approval of the project will bring more legal and regulatory security to the sector. According to him, since 2012, solar energy has generated more than R$ 38 billion in business and generated more than 224,000 jobs in the country.

With information: Canal Solar, Agência Câmara and G1

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