Blood-Red Sky: 7 movies similar to the Netflix production

Released by Netflix a few weeks ago, the movie blood red sky (Blood Red Sky, in the original) brought a terrifying narrative to streaming viewers. The plot deals with the hijacking of a flight by terrorists. However, one of the passengers ends up revealing a supernatural secret in order to protect her son from all threats and dangers.

If you liked the production, you can’t miss this list with other films similar to blood red sky. Enjoy!

7. flight 7500

(Hulu/Reproduction)Source:  Hulu

Developed by filmmaker Takashi Shimizu, this horror movie is an excellent choice for people who like to feel unavoidable fears. The plot addresses a trip that several passengers take from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Although everything seems completely normal at first, little by little, a supernatural strength reveals itself, causing several people present to end up dying instantly. Leslie Bibb, Ryan Kwanten and Amy Smart are some of the names present in the cast.

6. Serpents on board

(New Line Cinema/Playback)(New Line Cinema/Playback)Source:  New Line Cinema

Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Serpents on board focuses on the eyewitness of a crime, who has to travel by plane to report everything he witnessed. For this reason, the criminal implants several snakes in the aircraft so that they attack passengers to the point of killing them.

However, an FBI agent is on board and will make sure your witness is not scratched. Julianna Margulies, Nathan Phillips, Kenan Thompson, Lin Shaye and Elsa Pataky complete the cast.

5. Con Air – The Route of Escape

(Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Reproduction)(Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Reproduction)Source:  Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

While not supernaturally themed, this movie has heavy villains who are downright scary. Filled with breathtaking action sequences, the imminent death of certain characters is an attractive factor in the narrative, showing how everything can fall apart at any moment.

The cast features John Malkovich as Cyrus the Virus, Danny Trejo as Johnny-23, Ving Rhames as Diamond Dog and Steve Buscemi playing the eccentric Garland Green.

4. Night flight

(DreamWorks SKG/Reproduction)(DreamWorks SKG/Reproduction)Source:  DreamWorks SKG

Wes Craven, one of the great horror filmmakers who has produced incredible works for the world, delivered in 2005 a breathtaking production starring Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams. In Night flight (red eye, in the original), during an ordinary trip, passenger Lisa is coerced into being part of a political assassination plot.

Full of sequences of extreme violence, it’s interesting to note how the characters interact and how Lisa changes along the narrative progression. In this way, the film comes closer in many ways with blood red sky.

3. No scales

(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)Source:  Universal Pictures

Filled with mysteries, in the plot of this feature, Bill Marks (played by Liam Neeson) has a serious moral dilemma during a transatlantic flight. While being coerced into transferring large amounts of money to a particular account, passengers can slowly die if the action is not taken within 20 minutes.

However, and little by little, the character realizes that he needs to do something to get out of this situation without anything happening to anyone. Just like in the Netflix movie, there is a constant game between a single person who is willing to save the day against reckless criminals.

two. United Flight 93

(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)(Universal Pictures/Reproduction)Source:  Universal Pictures

A few years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, in New York, in 2001, some film productions began to artistically investigate some issues pertinent to the subject.

Paul Greengrass’ film, in this sense, gives a realistic and fascinating picture of what would have happened to the passengers on Flight 93, who rebelled against their kidnappers and diverted their original routes so that no disaster could happen. Although there is no supernatural element, the film is terrifying in many ways.

1. Flight plan

(Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Reproduction)(Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Reproduction)Source:  Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

To close the list, there Flight plan, which was loosely inspired by the style and films of filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock — considered by many to be the great master of suspense. The central plot revolves around Kyle Pratt (played by Jodie Foster), who is in mourning after losing her husband. During her flight, in which she is with her six-year-old daughter, some strange things happen.

When the little girl suddenly disappears, Kyle goes out of his way to look for her, even though the people around him come to believe that the girl is a fantasy in the character’s head. In that sense, the production is extremely powerful in bringing that feeling of doubt to the audience, while a powerful thriller forms on screen.

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