Blonde: what to expect from the Netflix movie about the life of Marilyn Monroe

Since it was announced by Netflix, the film Blonde, focused on actress Marilyn Monroe, has been eagerly awaited by subscribers to the platform. Based on the work of the same name by the writer Joyce Carol Oates, with the direction of Andrew Dominik, the feature film has been in development since 2010, but it was only in 2019, with the production of Brad Pitt, that the practical works began.

Although the narrative is centered on an artist who really existed, Oates has revealed in previous interviews that it is not a biography, but a work of fiction with elements of reality.

So, what can the public expect from this project? Check out more details below!

(Netflix/Play)(Netflix/Play)Fonte:  Netflix

Blonde: more details about the production of the film

Set in the past decade, the script will explore the development of an icon. It is known that Marilyn Monroe had a very difficult childhood and adolescence, especially growing up in foster homes. Therefore, it seems that the film will start from that moment to report the first years of the artist, who began her career, effectively, after meeting a photographer and becoming a model.

Its arrival in the cinema did not take long to happen, something that leveraged its popularity to gigantic levels, remaining in the public imagination for many years for several scenes that marked the history of films. In this sense, the cast brings important characters that have intertwined with Marilyn’s career.

Ana de Armas appeared as Marilyn Monroe for the filming of Blonde.  (Netflix/Play)Ana de Armas appeared as Marilyn Monroe for the filming of Blonde. (Netflix/Play)Fonte:  Netflix

In addition to Ana de Armas, Oscar winner Adrien Brody appears as Arthur Miller. Bobby Cannavale will play Joe DiMaggio, Julianne Nicholson will play Gladys Pearl Baker and Caspar Phillipson will play John F. Kennedy.

The cast also includes Toby Huss as Allan Snyder, David Warshovsky as Darryl Zanuck, Evan Williams as Edward G. Robinson Jr., Xavier Samuel as Charlie Chaplin, Michael Masini as Tony Curtis and Luke Whoriskey as James Dean.

It is worth noting that the book by Joyce Carol Oates, originally released in 2000, has already been adapted into a miniseries. However, this is the first time the novel has been made into a film.

When Blonde Will it debut on Netflix?

As much as there is no concrete information regarding the production’s premiere, it is quite possible that the feature film will arrive on streaming in 2022, with the release being more likely to take place in the second half of the year.

Some images already released about Blonde are roaming the internet and caught the public’s attention for their good job of reconstituting the characters, sets and costumes of the time. Ana de Armas promises an accurate interpretation of Marilyn Monroe, highlighting certain phases of her life, including the controversial filming of the hotter the better (1952), directed by Billy Wilder.

Providing details on the actress’ conduct during this period, when she discovered she was pregnant, her involvement with John Kennedy will also be highlighted, as well as the filming of certain works that helped create a myth, which still became a sex symbol for many years to come. .

Some Like It Hot (1959) is one of the artist's most famous films.  (United Artists/Reproduction)Some Like It Hot (1959) is one of the artist’s most famous films. (United Artists/Reproduction)Fonte:  United Artists

The expectation of the artist’s fans is that a trailer will be released soon, showing more images that show the work of reconstruction of the time and characterization of the characters. Many are already talking about a possible Oscar nomination 2023, given that Netflix has not given up on taking its statuette home. Will it come?

So stay tuned and be sure to check out this release when it finally happens!

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