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J. Allen Brack, current president of blizzard, and Michael Morhaime, former director of the company, spoke about the process that the company received from the government of California, USA. In recent days, the reality of Activision Blizzard it was transformed by allegations involving sexual harassment, a toxic environment for women, and even a case that ended in the suicide of a former employee.

Mike Morhaime, former head of Blizzard, came out to defend the victims (Image: Reproduction)

Morhaime, who left Blizzard after 28 years in 2018, got straight to the point: “I’m sorry I failed you.” Even away from the company, the executive assumes part of the blame and regrets that much of what he built, in favor of a favorable environment for everyone, has been undone.

“It’s all very disturbing and hard to read. I’m ashamed. I feel that everything I built has been undone. The most important and even worse is that people were harmed and some women went through terrible experiences”, she said, in her statement published in the tool. Twitlonger.

“I know it’s just words but I want the women who have gone through these experiences to know that I believe and listen to you, I’m sorry to disappoint them. I want to hear your stories, if you wanted to share. As a leader in our industry, I want and can use my influence to bring about positive change and fight misogyny, discrimination and harassment whenever I can. I believe we can do better and I believe that, as an industry, we can be a place where women and minorities can feel welcome, included, helped, recognized, rewarded and have every chance to contribute to all of us”, she added.

The full release, in English, you can read at this link.

the president speaks

The case of J. Allen Brack is a little more complicated. He sent an e-mail last week to officials and the press, where he regretted all the rush and promised to meet with the people involved to resolve issues and discuss how everyone can move forward.

Brack also wrote that he has always fought for equality and against “bro culture”, which is basically the macho culture that harms women in the workplace. At the same time the answer was posted on the networks, the video below was posted:

The video is from BlizzCon 2010, over 10 years ago. In it, a caucus of male producers, including J. Allen Brack, mocks a player from World of Warcraft, who points out that the game’s female characters appear to have come out of a catalog by Victoria’s Secret modeling agency.

Even though the case occurred more than 10 years ago, it matches some content of the complaints, as the investigation was only started in 2018 – indicating that the cases occurred longer ago. In addition, Fran Townsend, an executive at Activision Blizzard, even sent an internal statement, saying the charges in the lawsuit conveyed the wrong image of a company and had no merit.

Blizzard hasn’t spoken out since then, as fans, employees and former employees await more positive news and concrete resolutions. A group of players from WoW, even promoted a protest within the game, after the complaints.

With information: VentureBeat, The Verge.

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