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Another week has come to an end and the topic that has been most discussed in the Techblog was the sale of the Galaxy Note 20 for R$ 679 during Black Friday. At TB community, a discussion of the purpose of cashback and two-factor authentication services also sparked debate. Check out these and other matters relating to the period between November 27th and December 3rd and also be part of our Community!

TB Comunidade #96 (Image: Reproduction/Technoblog)

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. After all, what is the real purpose of cashbacks?
  2. 2FA authentication: which services do you leave activated? Which manager?
  3. Is there a risk in using cable charging under the induction charger?
  4. Cheapest 16A smart socket (Tuya technology)
  5. Globoplay with advertisements for subscribers

With the arrival of Black Friday, the word cashback circulated on social networks and was on the lips of the people in the year 2021. TB community, it was no different: the Dodecahedron raised the agenda on what would be the real purpose of the cashbacks offered by companies today.

The topic was the most talked about topic this week on Community and had the participation of several users where several theories were suggested. If you want to know more about the topic, the Techblog have a special about it.

Cashback: the fever of money back in Brazil (image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)
Cashback: the fever of money back in Brazil (image: Vitor Pádua/Tecnoblog)

Another issue that rocked this week was data security. What services do you leave two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled? The matter was raised by Vinicius Schulz who was in doubt and wanted to know the opinion of the staff.

Among several examples posted by users, Daniel Pinheiro said that he uses this system in accounts from large organizations, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. To find out more, just access the post on the Community.

Finally, the presence of some advertisements on paid streaming services annoyed some users. According to Luiz Maker, Globoplay inserted ads in some content. The subject was also addressed by other users who cited the example of Prime Vídeo.

Hello, News team! Could this become an agenda? haha

The 5 best discussions on Techblog topics

  1. Casas Bahia sells Galaxy Note 20 for R$679, cancels orders and irritates customers
  2. Bill to ban Pix in São Paulo has urgent processing approved
  3. Casas Bahia will honor purchases of the S20 FE at R$1,000, but not the Note 20
  4. Microsoft Edge tries to convince you not to download Google Chrome on Windows
  5. TSE finds 5 flaws in the voting machine, but says none alter elections

In relation to the guidelines produced by the team from Techblog, the denunciation of some users about Casas Bahia’s Black Friday generated debate on social networks. For a few moments last Friday (26), the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 FE were on sale for R$ 679 and for around R$ 1 thousand, respectively.

As this value is well below the value normally practiced, between R$ 2,500 and R$ 3 thousand, several users tried to buy the products. However, without success. The store ended up canceling the orders and the case ended up at Procon. To better understand the case, just access the article published on the 29th.

Casas Bahia (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi/Tecnoblog)
Casas Bahia (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi/Tecnoblog)

Later, the retail chain ended up informing that it would only honor purchases of the Galaxy S20 FE. Via, the company responsible for the brands Casas Bahia, Ponto and, said in a statement that the price variations of Galaxy Note 20 smartphones were due to a processing failure. To read the full communiqué, access the article.

Finally, running away from the Black theme Fraud Friday, a bill aimed at banning the use of Pix in São Paulo also caught the attention of readers.

Bill 583/21 by state deputy Campos Machado (Avante), of São Paulo, seeks to prohibit all financial institutions in the State of São Paulo from offering Pix to users. At least, until the Central Bank (BC) demonstrates in a technical report which security mechanisms are created to prevent fraudulent transactions or those made by criminals through theft or kidnapping.

Will it turn? Leave your opinion on the topic in our Community.

Well, that’s it for today, folks! These were the most talked about subjects of the last week. Be sure to follow the Techblog and participate in the discussions at Community.

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