Black boxes become mandatory, Tesla wants to sell its Bitcoin, the recap of the week

Boxes will be mandatory in cars in 2022, Tesla is threatening to sell its Bitcoin, Amazon is launching a completely free Prime subscription, here is the recap of the week!

This week, you heard about new legislation that will come into effect in May 2022, which will require car manufacturers to integrate a black box into their vehicles. You’ve also heard about yet another Elon Musk Twitter escapade that rocked the price of Bitcoin, as well as attempts by streaming services to eradicate account sharing. Speaking of a streaming service, Amazon launched a false hope by announcing miniTV, which was thought to be a free Prime Video. Finally, we explained to you why the images of Israel and Gaza appear blurry on Google Maps.

Black boxes in cars from 2022

Builders will have to integrate an “eevent data logger ” in their cars from May 2022. Used vehicles will be affected by this measure in 2024. The law wants these black boxes to record “A whole series of crucial anonymized vehicle data”. If these devices already exist in some models, users have repeatedly shown their disapproval of the measure, especially because of Protection of private life. For this reason, parliamentarians have provided for confidentiality clauses, in particular the prohibition on transmitting saved data to third parties, including insurance companies. In any case, the system only records 5-second sequences before being erased.

Car Accident Black Boxes
Credit: Unsplash

Will Elon Musk sell Tesla’s Bitcoins?

This is the question many worried investors are asking. Just two months after entering the cryptocurrency market, Tesla abruptly backed down. However, the firm has assured that it does not want to part with its stock. But one tweet – one more – from Elon Musk has cast doubt. “Bitcoiners are going to slap themselves next quarter when they learn that Tesla has sold the rest of its BTC holdings. With the amount of hate @elonmusk receives, I wouldn’t blame him ”, crypto analyst Mr Whale said on the social network. What the billionaire soberly replied: ” Indeed “. As usual, it didn’t take longer for Bitcoin to tumble in the process. Cryptocurrency immediately lost 7% of its value, taking with her her sisters.

elon musk third richest man in the world

Netflix no longer wants us to share our account

While in theory streaming services don’t have a problem with share your account with someone from the same household, it is not the same with a loved one living outside. Still, many of the users log in with different credentials, and Netflix, Amazon, and Disney + don’t necessarily like that. Everyone tries to find solutions to overcome this very costly problem ($ 2.5 billion per year all the same), while trying not to rush their subscribers, for the risk of seeing them leave elsewhere. Suffice to say that the thing is far from easy.

Netflix password sharing

Google Maps has long been banned from showing sharp images of Israel and Gaza

Try to observe Israel or Gaza from Google Maps, and you will only come across on blurry images. A very strange result, because the country is the only one not to appear clearly on the tool, while others, such as North Korea, do not present this problem. The reason is to be found on the side of the American legislation, which, to protect its military bases, for years prohibited satellite images of certain areas of the globe from being broadcast to the general public. That ban has since been lifted, and Google and other satellite imagery services are expected to display this area as neatly as any other soon.

Gaza Google Maps
Left: Gaza on Google Maps. Right: Real satellite images of Gaza / Credits: BBC screenshots

Amazon launches miniTV, a free Prime Video subscription

“MiniTV is a free, advertising-supported streaming service accessible through the Amazon shopping app.” It looked like a free Prime Video, but unfortunately it won’t. Instead, Indian users, for the time being only concerned by the platform, will be able to enjoy a streaming service only on smartphone. The catalog will not be the same as on Prime, but will offer “The best web series, comedy shows, tech news, cooking, beauty, fashion and more”, according to Amazon.

Amazon Prime Mini TV

Our tests of the week

This week is the Redmi Note 10 5G that the editorial staff has inspected in every nook and cranny. Good news side, we appreciate the fluidity of navigation allowed by its 90 Hz screen. The presence ofAndroid 11 is also a plus, as well as its comfortable autonomy. On the other hand, we like less the decision of Xiaomi to separate from the wide-angle sensor as well as from the fast charge. Result: the photos are of lower quality. The smartphone is still a device of choice to equip yourself with a 5G phone at a lower price, since it only costs € 229.90.

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