Bitcoin mining RTX 3080 farm, how Facebook Messenger is spying on you, weekly recap

An American earns $ 27,000 per month thanks to his 78 Geforce RTX 3080, Facebook Messenger collects your data on a massive scale and the Japanese feel abandoned by Sony, welcome to the recap of the week!

In constant rise for nearly a year, Bitcoin attracts the greed of many miners who do not hesitate to use great means to obtain it. Simon Byrne is one of them: in the midst of a shortage, he bought 78 Geforce RTX 3080s, which he says earns him $ 27,000 per month. If it has obviously drawn the wrath of players frustrated at still not having their graphics card, Facebook Messenger also risks controversy after the immense amount of data that the application collects was revealed. Xiaomi and Apple, meanwhile, continue their commercial battle as the Mi 11 scores back-to-back wins: better bandwidth than the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the top of the December 2020 best-performing smartphone rankings. , the Japanese shun the PS5 after multiple decisions deemed contemptuous on the part of Sony.

He earns $ 27,000 a month from his impressive mining farm

… Composed of no less than 78 Geforce RTX 3080. As the graphics card suffers a shortage that is expected to last into 2021, this American has managed to muster a negligible number of CPUs, whose sole purpose is to mine bitcoin. The total cost of the installation is estimated at € 56,000. A considered investment according to its owner, who claims to make a profit of $ 900 per day, is $ 27,000 per month. However, these figures remain to be qualified according to certain calculations since the price of Bitcoin is in constant fluctuation, although it seems perpetually on the rise lately. The farm also has a considerable cost in electricity: $ 1,444 per month. In reality, it would therefore be necessary between 4 and 6 months to the latter to be profitable.

Bitcoin mining RTX 3080

Facebook Messenger collects far more data than you think

We now understand why Facebook plague against Apple and its new rules that protect privacy. Since the implementation of the App Store policy, which requires application developers to be totally transparent on the data collected, we can indeed see with our own eyes all the information that Mark Zuckerberg’s company holds on its users. “We need to collect certain information to provide reliable global communication service […] In principle, we take measures to restrict access to this information ”, Whatsapp announced following these revelations. As for Messenger, it is the application champion any category data collection: contacts, commercial information, address, voice recordings … We don’t know where to turn.


Xiaomi’s Mi 11 much better than the iPhone 12 Pro Max on WiFi bandwidth

The battle between the Chinese manufacturer and the apple firm continues to rage at the start of the year. As Xiaomi overtook Apple by becoming number 3 in the smartphone market in 2020, a new test classifies the Mi 11 above the iPhone 12 Pro Max. And, indeed, there is no possible debate: by placing the two smartphones at an equal distance from a WiFi 6E router, the Xiaomi model benefits from twice the bandwidth. Yes, but … there is a catch: the Mi 11 is the only one of the two phones to be truly compatible with WiFi 6E (Extended). It is therefore not surprising that its results are better.

Xiaomi mi 11

The Mi 11 is crowned the most powerful smartphone of December 2020 by AnTuTu

WiFi 6E or not, the Xiaomi Mi 11 remains the essential smartphone of the moment. It is indeed the opinion of AnTuTu which awards him the first place of its monthly ranking. It is followed by Mate 40 Pro + from Huawei and Mate 40 Pro standard which completes the podium. Note that the SoC Snapdragon 865 has pride of place in this ranking, equipping more than half of the aircraft present. On the side of mid-range smartphones, it is again Xiaomi who wins the day with its Redmi 10X 5G equipped with a Dimensity 820 by Mediatek. Second place goes to Nova 7 pro from Huawei, followed by its standard version in 3rd place. Note the arrival in 8th place of Redmi Note 9 Pro, another 5G smartphone from Xiaomi, in the ranking.

Antutu December 2020

The romance between Sony and Japan is over, the PS5 does not sell

Only 240,000 PS5 were sold in Japan 6 weeks after its launch. This is a far cry from the best launch in console history in the United States. In reality, it is even the sales figures the weakest for a PlayStation console on Japanese soil, not to mention the PSP. Hideki Yasuda, analyst at Ace Economic Research Institute, does not mince his words: “Sony doesn’t take Japan seriously ”, he said with announcing “a decisive decline ”. He estimates that “If this trend were to continue, sales of the PS5 over its entire cycle could end at less than half of those of the PS4”. The relocation of its headquarters to the United States or the stopping of PS4 production in Japan could explain this conflict between Sony and its country of origin. It is the Japanese themselves that they say: they feel despised by the entertainment giant.

The test of the week

This week, the BMW iX3 delighted the editors by proving that an electric version had nothing to envy to the thermal version. His performance, his comfort of use and its finishes are a treat to take in hand throughout his autonomy more than satisfactory. However, and although BMW has made efforts on this aspect, the vehicle weight remains considerable and could play tricks on some. As much, moreover, as its price: € 69,950 for its Inspiring version and € 76,350 for its Impressive version. A sacred investment therefore, which will make the most interested of you benefit from the SUV from March 2021.

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