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Bitcoin 2021 promises to be the biggest cryptocurrency event ever held in history and starts this Friday (4th) in Miami. The 12,000 tickets sold out quickly and up to 50,000 people are expected to visit the city due to the conference. Important names in the crypto industry are on the lecture agenda. Top standouts are Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Galaxy CEO Mike Novogratz and BitGO CEO Mike Belshe. Even socialite Paris Hilton is publicizing the event, which will last until Saturday night.

Bitcoin 2021 conference kicks off today in Miami and promises to be the greatest cryptocurrency event in history (Image: Press Release)

Held at the Mana Convention Center in the Wynwood neighborhood, the event is positioned as “something more like a music festival,” like a Lollapalooza for cryptocurrency aficionados, according to Francis Pouliot, one of the attendees. Three stages were set up: “Nakamoto”, the main one, and the parallel “Stacking Sats” and “End Of Fiat”.

Event was postponed and moved from Los Angeles to Miami

“We couldn’t be happier that Bitcoin 2021 conference organizers chose Miami for this event,” city Mayor Francis Suarez said during an international virtual conference on digital currencies this Wednesday morning. He is also a well-known supporter of cryptocurrencies and aims to turn the municipality into a bitcoin mining and adoption hub (BTC).

“Our decision to move Bitcoin 2021 from Los Angeles to Miami was not an easy one, but given the circumstances surrounding availability in the state of California, we feel the move is needed this year. The show has to go on!” states the official page of the event.

In addition to relocating, the event was also postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. “We are reorganizing the conference for the 4th and 5th of June to allow enough time for the second wave of COVID-19 to pass and for the vaccine launch to take place,” states the event’s promotional content. Initially, Bitcoin 2021 was supposed to take place on April 30th in Los Angeles.

“Mayor Francis Suarez is trying to turn Miami into the bitcoin capital of the world, so naturally he asked us to bring the largest cryptocurrency conference in history to his city, as soon as it’s safe for participants and residents,” organizers said in March.

With celebrities, event wants to boost cryptocurrencies

The event comes at a turbulent time for the cryptocurrency market and follows the worst month on record in terms of overall losses. Attendees hope important announcements can help kick-start a recovery and bring attention to the benefits of decentralized digital currencies.

Featured speakers at Bitcoin 2021 include liberal politician and investor Ron Paul, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, bitcoin pioneer Nick Szabo and professional skateboarder Tony Hawk. Even Ross Ulbricht, who is currently in jail on charges related to the dark web market, will also be present at the conference in a special pre-recorded interview. Socialite Paris Hilton will participate in the conference and promote it on their social networks.

The event is hosted by Bitcoin Magazine, a media company co-founded by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in 2012. “We are more excited than ever about this conference and have many important announcements booked. Rest assured that we are working hard behind the scenes to make this event the most unforgettable experience in bitcoin history,” promise the organizers.

With information: CBS Miami, Cointelegraph

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