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Genshin Impact is the free-to-play online role-playing game that has quickly become one of the most popular games in the world. Launched on September 28, 2020, the game today completes its first birthday and players have created high expectations about possible events and rewards on this commemorative date. However, it seems that its developer, miHoYo, did not innovate and disappointed by delivering insufficient prizes.

Seasonal “Moonlight Merriment” event that started this week on Genshin Impact (Image: Publicity)

The famous RPG takes place in the fantasy universe of Teyvat and features characters modeled after a compilation of anime visual style, which attracted a huge number of players right after its release. Currently, Genshin Impact is available for PC, iOS, Android, PS4 and PS5 and has a crossplay system.

it is about the Chinese developer miHoYo’s biggest success, which first became known for the mobile Honkai Impact 3rd. Based on the lucrative and controversial “gacha” system, in which the player spends “prayers” and depends on luck to get characters and weapons, the game raised US$ 1 billion in its first six months of life with the iOS and Android versions alone. .

Genshin Impact’s birthday raised high expectations

Given the huge success so far, leakers on Twitter have raised expectations that miHoYo could do something very special for its anniversary event. Some rumors even said that a five-star character (the rarest and hardest to get in the game) could be given to players.

Five-star character Shogun Raiden entered Twitter's trending topics when it was revealed in Genshin Impact (Image: Disclosure/miHoYo)
Five-star character Shogun Raiden entered Twitter’s trending topics when it was revealed in Genshin Impact (Image: Disclosure/miHoYo)

Later, the idea gained even more strength when the Forbes published an opinion piece saying the company “would be able to give a character five stars” as a reward during the first anniversary of Genshin Impact.

As today’s date approached, players were charging miHoYo on social media for a position on the anniversary event. Until last week, all the company had officially announced were a few “petty” contests and sweepstakes on its HoYoLAB forum and community.

Fan fury quickly proliferated on the internet, charging Genshin Impact for better rewards and something big for a once-in-a-lifetime date. The developer has remained practically silent until today and has not expressed itself about the players’ clear dissatisfaction.

In protest, the game’s ratings on the Play Store and App Store have dropped rapidly in recent days. In the Android app store, for example, Genshin Impact was rated over 4 stars until recently. As of this writing, the game’s rating is 3.5 stars, along with numerous messages calling for better rewards and events this anniversary.

Genshin Impact's note drops on Play Store after player revolt with birthday event (Image: Playback)
Genshin Impact’s note drops on Play Store after player revolt with birthday event (Image: Playback)

The real Genshin Impact birthday event

As of 6:00 am today, Genshin Impact’s birthday has finally started for the Americas server. In the end, there is no free character, nor is there anything innovative or special. In fact, a login reward system has been started that, in total, will present players with 10 prayers for limited banners, something that was already done in February, during patch 1.3.

Genshin Impact login special event (Image: Publicity)
Genshin Impact login special event (Image: Publicity)

In addition, today started a web event that brings a retrospective of each player’s journey since their first day in the game, with statistics of days logged, date of entry into the game and other fun information.

Retrospective of the player's trajectory in Genshin Impact (Image: Publicity)
Retrospective of the player’s trajectory in Genshin Impact (Image: Publicity)

At the end of the short interactive video, the player receives 40 primes, used in-game to buy various things, mainly prayers to summon weapons and characters (each prayer costs 160 primes). Along with the web event, players generate a link to share with friends and receive small prizes for each access (maximum five).

Retrospective web event can award more prizes when sharing link with friends (Image: Publicity)
Retrospective web event can award more prizes when sharing link with friends (Image: Publicity)

Of course, in addition to these specific one-year anniversary events of the game, there is also the seasonal event “Moonlight Merriment”, which is not related to the commemorative date, but already manages to be more generous in terms of rewards.

miHoYo has listened to players in the past

O Techblog contacted miHoYo, seeking the company’s position on the players’ revolt and on what was delivered to them today. By email, the developer stated: “Our team is collecting and listening to a lot of feedback from our fans and players. But, at the moment, there is no information we can share.”

The developer’s indifference is somewhat surprising. The game is going full steam ahead and generating fortunes for the Chinese company. In this current 2.1 patch, Genshin Impact has released the playable character Raiden Shogun, possibly the most popular to date. Its limited banner broke the fundraising record for the first two days, bringing in $9 million for miHoYo.

Genshin Impact Patch 2.1 Promotional Banner (Image: Publicity)
Genshin Impact Patch 2.1 Promotional Banner (Image: Publicity)

In the past, when the game released the character Zhongli, the archon (god) Geo, the player community mobilized to ask for improvements in their skills and gameplay, considered at the time as incompatible with a character that should be so powerful in the history of match. miHoYo listened and in the following patch implemented more than satisfactory improvements.

In addition, the current home and land system has also been improved with each update based on player feedback. So it’s somewhat surprising that Genshin Impact’s “big birthday” hasn’t changed at all even with the movement of players around the world.

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