Big Sur Problems: The Most Common Issues & Their Fixes

Are you still bothered with Big Sur problems? You’re not alone. The OS was released on 12th November 2020, but some issues have slipped through to the final version.

The macOS 11 is a huge leap forward, and it stands apart from the previous iterations of Apple’s OS. Big Sur’s launch even saw the release of the M1-equipped computers. Although it is not the new kid in the block anymore, and macOS Monterey is available now, Big Sur still has a few kinks that need to be ironed out. Continue reading to know how to work through the most common issues.

  1. Big Sur won’t download and install on your system

One of the most common problems encountered is Big Sur failing to download and showing the error message ‘Installation Failed.’ Some users also see messages like Installation of macOS could not continue, The network connection was lost, etc.

There are quite a few reasons why you may face this problem.

  • Too many people might be trying to download and install macOS 11. So, you need to try at a non-peak time.
  • You might not have enough storage space. The Big Sur upgrade isn’t checking if there’s enough hard disk space, and therefore, it is pausing mid-way. If you are wondering what does disk full mean on Mac, it refers to limited space, and you need to clear it to create enough disk space for macOS 12.
  • Your device isn’t compatible with Big Sur. The compatible Macs are MacBook (early 2015 and newer), Mac Pro (late 2013 or newer), MacBook Air (mid-2013 and newer), MacBook Pro (late 2013 or newer), Mac Mini (late 2014 or newer), iMac (mid-2014 and newer) and iMac Pro (all models).
  1. macOS 11 is draining your Mac’s battery fast

After installing macOS 11, a few users have reported their Mac’s battery life draining drastically fast. Some users have even complained of receiving a message warning them of their battery service. Fortunately, you can fix the issue, and here’s how.

The battery issue can be fixed by resetting your system’s PRAM. Switch off your Mac and hold down the Command + Option + P + R keys. Then, switch on the machine and keep holding down the keys. Release the keys once you see the Apple logo. Now, your Mac should boot normally.

  1. Go-to apps aren’t working in macOS 11

A few users reported that their go-to apps stopped working after installing macOS 11. If you encounter the same problem, you can uninstall the apps and reinstall them again.

Sometimes, a reboot is all an app needs to start working again. It might help to make your apps communicate better after you’ve reset them under Big Sur.

In case the problem persists, check the app manufacturer’s website for details. Also, ensure the app is compatible with macOS 11.

  1. Cannot sign in using Touch ID

Unable to sign into Touch ID is another common problem reported by several users who installed Big Sur. You can reset the SMC of your Mac by following these instructions:

  • Shut down your system
  • Hold the Shift + Control + Option keys and keep holding them down while you press the Power button
  • Keep the power button and the keyboard keys pressed for ten seconds. Then, let go of them all and switch on your Mac.

If you still encounter the problem, you need to consider removing your fingerprint, re-adding through System Preferences, and clicking on the Touch ID tab.

  1. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth has stopped working in macOS 11 Big Sur

Has your Wi-Fi connectivity and/or Bluetooth stopped working after you’ve installed macOS 11? Several users face the problem, but luckily, there’s a quick fix.

To solve Bluetooth issues, you need to hold down the Shift key and click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar. Then, select the Debug option and select Reset the Bluetooth Module.

To solve Wi-Fi issues, you are recommended to reset the SMC. The instructions are already mentioned above.

  1. Installing Big Sur causing mouse problems

If your mouse no longer works after installing macOS 11, you need to open ~/Library/Preferences/ directory in Finder. Then, choose and delete and Restart your system to get your mouse working again.

So, these are a few quick fixes to some of the common problems encountered by Mac users after they downloaded, installed, or upgraded macOS 11 Big Sur. If these don’t solve the problems you’re facing, a trip to the Apple service center might be required.

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