Best sites for setting up a family tree

With the expansion of the internet, your add-ons and functions, more and more features began to emerge to make life easier for the user. Among the many tools that have gained space and, in this case, power, are the creators of family trees. With large databases around the world, it became even more practical to track data from old family members or from other countries.

This aspect becomes more important when it is necessary, for example, to raise the family history for dual citizenship authentication processes, which requires confirmation of descent according to the country of origin. Although it is perfectly possible to work with only one template basic to carry out the task, TecMundo brought together some alternatives with smart and practical resources. Check out:


Starting with the best free alternative, the FamilySearch it is especially suitable for casual users and just curious about family data. The service is provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has been operating for over 20 years, thus having a robust international database.

This important resource is used to improve the quality of searches by surnames and to list individuals already registered. In addition, it is possible to scan documents for authentication processes, store photos and videos for projects and add members.

The use of the interface is quite simple and uncomplicated, however, it encounters certain problems with “non-traditional” family structures and, therefore, may not suit everyone. This is emphasized when trying to represent relationships such as divorce and adopted members, for example, that do not seem to fit well in the software. Despite this, the range of functions is simple, but functional, justifying the target audience that seeks only to learn this hobby out of curiosity.

FamilySearch interface. (Source: FamilySearch / Reproduction)FamilySearch interface. (Source: FamilySearch / Reproduction)


The service provided by Ancestry also started decades ago, still with the use of paper, in the format of the magazine Ancestry Magazine. Currently, its operation is based on a tool “freemium” of creating family trees, that is, with the main free features and extra functions blocked by a subscription service.

The fee charged serves to maintain the international database, present in more than 80 countries, with more than 100 million family trees designed. Using the service, you can find phone numbers, data records from churches and armies, suggestions from family members and much more – all with a free subscription.

The tuition offered by the Ancestry start at U $ 24.99 (about R $ 139, in direct conversion) and allow access to the international database, in addition to many other resources, such as the detailed history and achievements of several families. Unfortunately, the free period lasts only 14 days – which, however, may be enough for some more avid users.

Ancestry service interface. (Source: Ancestry / Reproduction)Ancestry service interface. (Source: Ancestry / Reproduction)


Quite similar to Ancestry, The MyHeritage also works in the format freemium, with several features available and a 14-day trial period. The service has almost 3.5 billion family trees created and support for the function Smart Matching, that identifies and gathers similar profiles.

Currently, the MyHeritage it is available for computers, tablets and cell phones, being possible to work alternately between them. Sharing many similarities with your rival Ancestry, the main difference between services is the main database and country coverage. Service prices start at R $ 269 per year, with an option of up to R $ 929 per year for the most expensive plan.

Learn more about the service by clicking here.

MyHeritage service interface. (Source: MyHeritage / Reproduction)MyHeritage service interface. (Source: MyHeritage / Reproduction)


Whether for fun or historical research, creating family trees can be as fun as it is laborious. Therefore, the use of organizers online, like the ones mentioned above, can make the task easier and also make it more enjoyable – especially when you are a beginner.

For more advanced users, the use of these tools is essential, as they have useful resources in correlating international data. However, it is possible to take more advantage of these tools when used in groups, as in the case of subscriptions. If divided with the members of a family, the cost-benefit of a monthly fee will be higher.

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