Best places to invest in Bitcoin in Brazil

With the recent popularization of Bitcoin on social networks, more and more Internet users are looking for how to take the first step in the Internet market. cryptocurrencies. While there are other ways to buy these assets, one of the most common ways for both beginners and more experienced ones is through brokers (or exchanges, as they are also known in the English term).

Where to invest in Bitcoin

These companies facilitate the investor’s use experience with several functionalities, protection features and greater liquidity – a term that indicates the speed of an asset’s transaction. The important trio of factors determines whether cryptocurrencies can be bought, sold or stored easily and safely within the platform, thus being criteria for their evaluation.

In addition, other important factors to consider before making a decision are the broker’s history in the market, its regulation under the laws in Brazil and the customer service.

To facilitate research, TecMundo has prepared a guide that will assist the future investor at the beginning of his journey in the cryptocurrency market. Check out some of the best brokers in Brazil:


(Source: Binance / Reproduction)Source: Binance

Currently, Binance is the largest crypto broker in the world by market volume. This means that, in general, it is possible to trade most currencies on the platform with sufficient liquidity and speed in transactions. In addition, your system has good security features, several types of investment products and fixed fees per transaction.

In Brazil, Binance accepts deposits and withdrawals free of charge through PIX, in addition to being able to buy crypto credit cards using Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Binance is a good option for those looking for versatility and confidence to carry out transactions. You can create an account for free by clicking here,


(Source: NovaDAX / Reproduction)(Source: NovaDAX / Reproduction)Source: NovaDAX

Like Binance, NovaDAX is also an international company, in this case being part of the Abakus Group, specializing in the development of technology and big data. For this reason, its platform in Brazil has robust resources, high liquidity and attractive rates, fruits of a global network of markets.

Among its main differentials are: large number of pairs with the Real (BRL), support in chats with human service during business hours and various reward programs for users. Create an account by clicking here.


(Source: BitcoinTrade / Reproduction)(Source: BitcoinTrade / Reproduction)Source: BitcoinTrade

Founded in 2017, BitcoinTrade is a reference in the national cryptocurrency market. Its platform has a pleasant interface, has good customer service, security features to improve the reliability of transactions and has no deposit fees, which can be done even by credit card.

However, BitcoinTrade has less liquidity than its competitors, such as Binance and NovaDAX. In addition, their rates are slightly higher and may not be attractive to all types of customers. Check out more about clicking here.


(Source: Foxbit / Reproduction)(Source: Foxbit / Reproduction)Source: Foxbit

With almost 43% of the national volume of bitcoins, Foxbit is one of the largest companies in the cryptocurrency market in Brazil. Its platform, founded in 2014, has good resources, attractive rates and different deposit methods. According to data from the company itself, about 4 billion reais were traded on its systems. Create an account by clicking here.

Bitcoin Market

(Source: Bitcoin Market / Reproduction)(Source: Bitcoin Market / Reproduction)Source: Bitcoin Market

The Bitcoin Market is the first crypto broker in Brazil and today it accumulates more than 2 million customers. Its platform is intuitive and uncomplicated, has good customer service support and robust security features. Despite being a good option, it is the company with the highest rates, compared to the competition. See more about clicking here.

Protect your wallet

After checking out some brokers’ suggestions, there is another important tip that can be worth gold: even with all the security features offered by companies, your cryptocurrency portfolio can still be at risk. For the most cautious, it is suggested to store the assets in the calls hardware wallets, a type of device that functions as a smart wallet and seeks to protect its content from attackers of all types.

Wallet hardware model manufactured by Ledger. (Source: Criptofacil / Reproduction)Wallet hardware model manufactured by Ledger. (Source: Criptofacil / Reproduction)Source: Criptofacil

Unfortunately, in this context, it is not uncommon to find news from major brokerages that have suffered attacks from hackers or they simply disappeared, taking their users’ money with them. Thus, it is always valid to search for a company’s history and reputation before making any deposit.

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