Best Cars to Make Uber

Working from Uber has become a popular alternative for people all over Brazil in recent years, due to the demand for better quality transport and also the lack of employment. But to get financial return, you need to choose a car with good performance, comfortable and, above all, economical.

Best Cars for Uber

Whether owned, rented or acquired through the car subscription system, which has been growing in the country, the car to work as an application driver must have these characteristics and, at most, 10 years of production. There are still other requirements, which vary according to the desired category and need to be fulfilled.

Not sure which model is most suitable for working in a transport app? TecMundo has prepared a list of the best cars to make Uber. See below!

Nissan Versa V-Drive 1.6 Special Edition CVT

Nissan Versa V-Drive.Nissan Versa V-Drive.Source:  Nissan/Disclosure

Good internal space, air conditioning, electric steering, support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are some of the differentials found in the Japanese automaker’s compact sedan. It also has a trunk with 460 liters of capacity and 1.6 engine with 111 hp of power.

The average consumption of the Versa V-Drive is 11.6 km/l in the city and 14.1 km/l on the road, offering an interesting economy. The price starts at R$72,690.

Toyota Corolla GLI

Toyota Corolla GLI.Toyota Corolla GLI.Source:  Toyota/Disclosure

The Corolla GLI is an ideal car to work as an Uber Black, a category that requires models with a maximum of six years of manufacture and specific colors. It comes with soundproofing, multiple airbags for greater passenger safety and other benefits to attract customers willing to spend more on their trip.

Its 2.0 engine, which delivers 177 hp of power, averages 11.6 km/l in the urban cycle, while the price of the Toyota sedan starts at R$ 123,790.

Volkswagen Voyage 1.6

Volkswagen Voyage 1.6.Volkswagen Voyage 1.6.Source:  Volkswagen/Disclosure

Multifunctional steering wheel, on-board computer, connectivity with Android and iOS devices in the multimedia center are some of the technologies present in the Volkswagen sedan. It also stands out for its trunk with a capacity of 480 liters, allowing you to carry a good amount of luggage and other customer items.

As for the total flex engine, the Voyage delivers up to 104 hp of power and consumes 11.6 km/l in the city, if gasoline is used, according to the German automaker. The price starts at R$ 77,200.

Fiat Argo 1.0

Fiat Argo 1.0.Fiat Argo 1.0.Source:  Fiat/Disclosure

Thinking of starting with Uber X, the cheapest travel mode in the transport app? One of the options that best fits this alternative is the Argo 1.0, a more affordable car that brings items such as standard power windows, electric steering, air conditioning and the Uconnect multimedia center (optional).

Its Firefly 1.0 engine is capable of reaching a consumption of up to 15.1 km/l on the road cycle, fueled with gasoline, according to Fiat. To acquire it, it is necessary to invest from R$68,290.

Chevrolet Onix Joy

Chevrolet Onix Joy.Chevrolet Onix Joy.Source:  Chevrolet/Disclosure

One of the best selling cars in Brazil today, the Onix Joy is also much sought after by people looking for a vehicle to work from Uber. The hatchback has a double airbag, ABS brakes, progressive electric steering and a spacious cabin, ensuring greater comfort for travelers.

The 1.0 engine has a power of 80 hp, with a range of 12.8 km/l in the city and 14.7 km/l on the road, according to data released by Chevrolet. The price starts at R$ 60,360.

Renault Logan Zen 1.6

Renault Logan Zen 1.6.Renault Logan Zen 1.6.Source:  Renault/Disclosure

In this version, the French automaker’s sedan has very relevant standard items, such as the Start/Stop system, which automatically turns off the engine in short stops, improving autonomy, and the rear parking sensor. There are also side airbags, electric steering and a spacious 510-litre trunk.

The engine, which generates a top speed of 186 km/h, consumes an average of 11.9 km/l with gasoline. The price starts at R$79,790, noting that Renault has its own car service by subscription in Brazil.

Ford Ka SE 1.0

Ford Ka SE 1.0.Ford Ka SE 1.0.Source:  Ford/Disclosure

Among the best cars to make Uber is also the Ka, one of the most viable options for app drivers. The Ford model comes with standard items such as air conditioning, electric steering and the My Connection system with Bluetooth and voice commands, as well as a cell phone dock on the dashboard.

Known for its economy, the 1.0 engine of the hatch makes 13.3 km/l in the city and 15.6 km/l on the road, with gasoline, according to the automaker. It costs from R$52,890.

It is worth noting that the prices of the cars mentioned in the text were consulted in June 2021, and are subject to change.

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