Besides ‘Stay Gold’, these 5 BTS Japanese Songs also have Deep Meanings!

BTS is a very productive KPop group. Besides having a series of Korean albums, they also have copyrighted several Japanese albums and singles.

The latest is that the group of seven members has even been a hot topic of conversation for releasing a single pre-release from the album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY the title Stay Gold last June 19th. The song tells about the determination to love yourself and was created by BTS specifically for ARMY.

Deeply meaningful, here are five BTS Japanese songs that can make it baper apart Stay Gold.

1. For You

Everything for your sake
Although there is no response
Everything is in your smile
Even though we are separated
Our hearts are connected
Forever always with you

This song was released in 2015. With a bright nuance, this song tells of a couple who have to undergo long-distance relationships because the two are from different countries. It’s perfect to listen to when you have to LDR with your spouse!

2. Otsukare samadeshita

Thank you for waiting! This is SOPE!
We are SOPE!
Okay, let’s get started!
You worked hard
You worked hard
You worked hard
You worked hard

Otsukare samadeshita actually originated from a fad J-Hope in the era Wake Up Tour. Because excitedAt J-Hope’s moment, the other members also sang the song and suggested J-Hope to make it a real single.

And sure enough, J-Hope did it in condition good mood finally able to finish the song well. Song Otsukare samadeshita very special because it means “thank you for your hard work”. The song sung by BTS with full members and with sub-units is addressed to ARMY who always supports BTS.

3. Let Go

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To let go of your hand now
I have to tell you that I have to let you go
It’s hard to say goodbye but I can’t run
I’m ready to let go

As per the title, Let Go is a song about separation which feels very difficult because it does not involve willingness directly in the process. Let Go included in the Japanese album BTS titled Face Yourself. This song is believed to be BTS’s farewell song to ARMY because at the end of 2018, BTS revealed that they had planned to disband at the beginning of the year.

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4. Don’t Leave Me

Don’t leave me, I believe, start running
Without end, you are my heartbeat
No matter what rain falls, no matter what darkness
I will definitely save you, you are not alone

Contrasts with Let Go, Don’t Leave Me is a song about someone who doesn’t want to be separated from his lover. He wants his girlfriend to know that he will always protect their relationship from all kinds of dangers.

5. Lights

You are my light You are my light
Always shining into my heart
You are my light, you are my light
Despite how far the distance separates
Your light shines on me

Lights can be said to be the most brilliant BTS Japanese song. This song has won many records, both in terms of sales and position chart music. This song tells about the occurrence of a love relationship because of mutual trust and interdependence. Through Lights, BTS wants to show how much they love ARMY.

Those are the five Japanese BTS songs that have profound meanings besides Stay Gold. Hurry up and put it in playlist-your! You can listen to the calculations while waiting for the official release of BTS’s latest Japanese album in mid-July!

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