Benefits, Side Effects & How to Use it

Said tissue magic is getting the media spotlight because of the news if this item was brought by those who make the pilgrimage.

For those who don’t know, tissue magic is a term for wet wipes that are focused on making love. Rumors say tissue magic able to increase the ejaculation resistance of a man.

If you look for it on Google search engine, you will not get news about this item abroad there because the term is not tissue magic.

Outside, wet tissue is better known as anesthetic wipe or benzocaine wipe. That’s because of the content benzocaine in the tissue. The name of the product known there is Preboost.

In the article, mentioned if tissue magic has been researched by Cornell University. By testing it against patients with premature ejaculation, the results obtained are an increase in the ability to ejaculate those who use tissue magic.

The following IDN Times has summarized some of the properties or benefits of tissue magic which is magical for men who want to be powerful, must know this. Check out below!

1. More able to control ejaculation

The article mentions a study data if there is a significant increase in the length of time ejaculation of men who use tissue magic.

Consistent use within one month makes male ejaculations take about 2.75 minutes longer than the average time before using a tissue magic. Whereas within two months, the increase reached 5.5 minutes.

2. Being able to provide more pleasure to the couple

Magic Wipes: Benefits, Side Effects and How to Use

Some journals mention that women need more time and are more difficult to get orgasm. In fact, only about 20 to 25 percent of women get orgasms during sex.

Tissue magic prolonging male erections will certainly help this, given the long time it can be used to find a stable position for a partner.

3. Reducing the frustration of men in sex

Magic Wipes: Benefits, Side Effects and How to Use

Having sex has a lot to do with one’s mental state. Men who ejaculate easily and have a short time generally feel a high sense of frustration because they feel unable to satisfy their partner.

Tissue magic able to increase the confidence of men and reduce the pressure when having sex.

4. Eliminating odor

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Magic Wipes: Benefits, Side Effects and How to Use

Like other wet tissue, tissue magic removes the unpleasant odor of male “weapons”. This is very useful for building the mood having sex. Many small things are able to eliminate the mood couple. One of them is the problem of aroma.

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Side effects of magic wipes

The reason behind this side effect is easy: it’s because magic wipes use the substance commonly used to anesthetize someone.

Because of that the side effects are more or less similar to those in conditions of getting local anesthesia. These side effects can disappear after you don’t use tissue magic temporary.

1. Mild headache

Magic Wipes: Benefits, Side Effects and How to Use

2. Back pain

Magic Wipes: Benefits, Side Effects and How to Use

3. Irritation in the penis

Magic Wipes: Benefits, Side Effects and How to Use

4. Erectile dysfunction if the penis is too numb

Magic Wipes: Benefits, Side Effects and How to Use

5. The risk of making a woman not get an orgasm if not using a condom

Magic Wipes: Benefits, Side Effects and How to Use

Thus a review of some of the benefits of tissue magic and also don’t forget the side effects. Use tissue magic no problem, but it is strongly recommended not to use it often given the chemical content in it.

It’s good to use if it’s really needed. After all, are you not confident in your abilities? Hopefully this information is useful.

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