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Last week, you saw it here on Techblog what to Tectoy will reuse the brand Think carefully, from the classic toy from the 80s and 90s, on a tablet with Windows 10. However, it should not be the only product in the line: the company also approved at Anatel a video intercom called Campainha Pensa Bem.

Towo SD10, Chinese Model of the Think Well Buzzer (Image: Playback/Towo Smart)

The device is one of those that are installed at the door and serve as a bell and a kind of peephole, transmitting the images from the camera to the smartphone of the resident of the house.

Tectoy imports, puts its brand on the product and distributes it. The production is in charge of the Chinese company Shenzhen Towo Tecnology, according to the documents.

Shenzhen Towo is listed as a manufacturer in Anatel's documentation
Shenzhen Towo is listed as a manufacturer in Anatel’s documentation (Image: Reproduction/Anatel)

On the manufacturer’s website, we find the SD10 model, which is practically identical to what appears in Anatel’s documents. It features 1080p video, motion detection, night vision and control by Alexa or Google Assistant.

Also, it is possible to put a microSD card of up to 64 GB. The device uses Wi-Fi in the 802.11 b/g/n standards and works with two AA batteries.

Think Well bell in Anatel's homologation document
Think Well Bell in Anatel’s homologation document (Image: Reproduction/Anatel)

The layout is similar to the Think Well Tablet, which is manufactured by the Chinese Chuwi, reasonably known for making this type of product at an affordable price.

Think Well should become smart home line

After the tablet and the video intercom, is there more to come from Tectoy with the nostalgic brand Pensa Bem? It seems so.

In the instruction manual registered with the agency, Tectoy explains that the control of the doorbell is done by an application for Android and iOS called Pensa Bem Casa.

The app even appears on the iPhone App Store and on Amazon’s Alexa skills store, but not yet on the Play Store.

Buzzer Manual Think Well indicates downloadable application
Bell Manual Pensa Bem indicates application for download (Image: Reproduction/Anatel)

In the screenshots sent to the Apple store, there is indication of lamp control and smart sockets, indicating that more products are expected to be launched by the company in the near future.

Tectoy's app mentions sockets and lamp
Tectoy’s app mentions sockets and lamp (Image: Playback/App Store)

Tectoy must face competitors such as Positivo and Intelbras, which have invested heavily in products in this segment over the past two years.

Tectoy asks for brand renewal at INPI

Another indication that Tectoy intends to maintain the Pensa Bem brand is the request for renewal of registration with the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI).

They are for four product categories, in the sectors of toys, electronic games, miscellaneous appliances, civil construction, repairs and installation services. In one of the cases, the request was granted, and the rights to use the brand belong to the company until 2030.

Tectoy asked for four trademark registrations
Tectoy requested four trademark registrations (Image: Reproduction/INPI)

Company bets on nostalgia

For those who don’t remember or don’t know, the original Pensa Bem was a computer-like toy. As you can imagine, in the late 80’s, this Really drew attention.

With a pretty basic display, it had simple games like “follow the master” or getting math operations right. There was also the option of playing questions and answers—the quizzes were in auxiliary books. Tectoy relaunched the toy in 2017, without much fanfare.

The company seems to bet a lot on nostalgia: a little earlier, that same year, it brought back the Mega Drive. Now, it’s time for new product lines to touch the future of these brands.

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