Battletoads: our favorite frogs are back [análise]

We spent a few years waiting, E3 after E3, for the announcement of a new game starring Zitz, Rash and Pimple, and finally the time has come to check out the long awaited return of Battletoads to the world of games officially.

For those who, like me, grew up having fun in the nostalgic 8-bit Nintendinho (and even had the chance to check out the series title on the Super Nintendo), probably the curiosity of whether the new game was good before acquire it. Therefore, check our opinion on the lines below.

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The frogs are back!

It was a good few years away from the gaming world, and the plot itself makes a point of remembering that. Right away we are introduced to a phase in which the frog trio is in a kind of ceremony celebrating their great deeds, but in the end we discover that everything is just a montage. The reason? They ended up being forgotten after a while and even made a few different beaks to stay active.

After this brief introduction, which also serves as a kind of tutorial for the presentation of new movements and some unprecedented mechanics, the adventure begins to unfold until the moment comes when the team receives a message from an old acquaintance: Dark Queen.

After explaining his points and proposing a somewhat unusual alliance, the adventure officially begins, bringing several moments involving aliens, jokes (some good, others not so much), minigames and other types of elements throughout its phases.

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An updated classic

The first thing I must mention is that the transposition of the old style that we knew to the present day was done with mastery by the team of DLaLa, the game’s producer. Some people even twisted their nose at the graphic style of the game when it first appeared, but the fact is that it doesn’t bother at all.

To be honest, this model even matches the molds of what we saw in Streets of Rage 4, for example, and makes the game exude the modernity it needs for its battles. These, in fact, have slightly different features than those seen in past titles.

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First-rate fights

To finish off enemies that come their way, the frogs still have punches, kicks, flying and differentiated finishes (common blows are activated with a button and more stylish finishes are separated for a different button). It is possible to create varied combos using these combinations, and each character acts differently in combat.

While Pimple makes few moves due to its size and strength (and, consequently, offers less resources for combos), Zitz and Rash allow to play a little more in combat. However, the differences are only in the blows, since the other resources are common to all frogs, such as using the tongue to bring an enemy close, eating flies to recharge energy, dodging and even spitting gum to trap the enemy in a point in the scenario.

If you choose to play alone, you will have the chance to switch freely between the characters, helping to better outline your strategies. And believe me: this will be quite necessary, since most of the time you will be facing at least a dozen opponents at the same time (and even varied plans), and in some cases it will take Pimple’s strength to not waste too much time with weaker enemies, while some that attack more from a distance can be reached more easily with the speed of Zitz or Rash.

The clashes against the bosses are also noteworthy. It is true that they are not many, but definitely you will not carry out these battles in an identical way, either by the type of arena in which this combat takes place or even by the dynamics proposed by the boss, which helps to make everything even more fun.

New elements?

Who had the opportunity to take a look at the game description on the Microsoft Store or Steam must have seen a topic saying that this Battletoads has “varied game sequences to suit everyone’s taste”. And, in fact, it really happens here.

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The development team decided to play a lot with the versatility allowed by the characters. Based on what we already had in the original title, for example, we have the return of the classic flying motorbike phase (her first appearance, in fact, is in phase 3, keeping a tribute to the original title) – which is very fun and challenging by the way.

In addition to it, we also have the opportunity to see some simple puzzles to advance in the action sections and several slightly more random minigames, like a kind of Olympics, just to mention an example. Complementing this new group are some stages of navy game and even areas that pay homage to platform games.

In fact, there is no doubt that all these phases were well done and pay a good tribute to their reference genres, even with a very similar degree of challenge (the shmup phases for example bring a lot of brightness from explosions and shots and opponents well varied). However, I must confess that this made the game lose some of its essence.

If you are nostalgic and choose to buy the game, it is good to know that the portion that you effectively hit everyone who moves does not even represent half the stages of the adventure. Another detail is that sometimes you will go through many sections without a fight until you return to the style of origin of the frogs – that is, the great impression is that we are more facing an a la title Evoland, even though all additional components work well.

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There’s more to this mix

In addition to all the elements mentioned above, Battletoads still brings attractions for both speedrunners as for the more detailed ones: while the former receive a reward in the form of a collectible if they complete certain stages obeying some conditions of speed, those who fall into the other group will certainly search every corner of the stage in search of these items.

The game also supports cooperative gameplay, allowing two other players to join and leave the game whenever they want. However, curiously, there is no online multiplayer mode, which will certainly make many enjoy the game alone taking into account the current scenario we are experiencing.

In addition, the sequences between some stages have some movies, but for some reason in the PC version of the game they did not run (only the audio was working). Even uninstalling the game and making sure that everything on the computer was up to date, I still couldn’t verify what those scenes look like (including the end of the game in this list), which spoiled the experience a little. Of course, maybe this will be fixed with some kind of update after launch, so that everyone will be able to enjoy it Battletoads complete.

Worth it?

As long as you don’t expect a fully beat’em up game, Battletoads there are points that can attract your attention. The absence of an online multiplayer is especially lacking in pandemic times, but in the end the DLaLa team did a good job with this game.

Battletoads was kindly provided by Microsoft to carry out this analysis.

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