Battlefield 2042: Check out the main questions and answers about the game

In addition to everything that has been revealed so far about Battlefield 2042, EA Games is preparing another presentation of the game for EA Play that will take place on July 22 (the VOXEL channel will broadcast live from 1:30 pm). To keep pace for the event, the company sent to the press an FAQ revealing more information to answer some questions from fans about the game.

What are “Experts”?

Unlike previous versions of the game, where players select “classes” in Battlefield 2042 let’s meet the “Experts”, who despite being based on classes, their equipment can be fully customizable.

At launch, the game will feature ten Specialists. Only four of them have been revealed so far: Boris, Casper, Falck and Mackay.

If the equipment is fully customizable, what is the difference between “Experts”?

Each “Expert” has two unique characteristics. As customizable as your soldier is, they cannot be changed. For example: you may have already noticed that in this new BF we will have some Wingsuit soldiers – that weird suit that makes you glide – this is a soldier trait and cannot be used by any other “Expert”.

Using Falck as an example. It counts as a feature the “Combat Surgeon” who can revive allies on the battlefield much faster and with full health, unlike others that take a long time and with little energy. This is something only she can do.

How does equipment customization (Loadout) work?

As stated earlier, Battlefield 2042 will not have classes. As such, no one is restricted to using only certain types of weapons. As “Specialist”, the player can choose:

  • primary weapon
  • Equipment (items that are common to everyone, such as a medical box or ammo box)
  • secondary weapon
  • Throwing weapon (such as frag or incendiary grenades)

Since all “Experts” have the ability to fully customize the loadout, the choice is entirely up to the player whether to make a more anti-tank, anti-aircraft or anti-infantry character – it’s up to the customer’s taste. Choose wisely and study the battlefield to decide which option is best.

Can a squad have the same “Experts”?

A squad consists of a maximum of four players. In “Conquest” and “Break” modes there can be more than one equal specialist. According to EA, there will be many skin options available, so the same two experts can look very different when using different skins.

Will the little quadruped robot be a feature of some “Expert”?

Many people who have seen videos of Battlefield 2042 he loved Ranger, the little quadruped robot. It won’t feature any “Specialist”, everyone can use it in combat. However, when calling the Ranger, the player will be making a choice from a list of several other vehicles that can be called in the “call-in” system. Also, there are a limited number of Rangers available for each team.

But what is Ranger?

Ranger is a robot that will follow and protect the player who called him. He is very versatile and can follow orders, like patrol a location, follow, advance and if things look bad you can even command the Ranger to self-destruct. And before you ask: yes, you can put a C4 on the ranger and make him run to an enemy.

How does the call-in system work?


just like in Battlefield 5, you can still call vehicles from a menu, however it is now possible to call them wherever you need them and not just in your main base.

The “call-in” system can be accessed through an interface that is available to all players, no matter which “Expert”. But there are some important points about it:

  • The system depends on the map, mode and will have a specific budget assigned to each team.
  • You can call air vehicles such as aircraft and helicopters
  • After calling a vehicle, it goes into a cooldown type until you can call it again.

Will we have naval vehicles in Battlefield 2042?

You will see some boats, like the LCAA Hovercraft. However, EA claims that naval warfare is not the focus at the moment.

Let’s talk about bots: how do they work?

Battlefield 2042 will put AI-controlled soldiers to complete the servers and we will always have a full game (up to 64 players on PS4 and Xbox One and up to 128 on PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

There are three game modes to play against bots:

  • Multiplayer – AI soldiers are used for server population capabilities, making matchmaking easier. Real players always take priority over AI in matchmaking.
  • Co-Op – Allows you to play together with friends against AI soldiers.
  • Solo – If you want to hone your skills in multiplayer mode, you can even play alone against AI soldiers


AI soldiers behave in the same way as an ordinary player. However, they were not designed to be “Experts”. Therefore, they cannot use unique features. You will see them perform tasks such as using the Call-in system, interacting with vehicles and capturing points.

Even though they can’t use the Wingsuit, for example, they have the wits to decide between engaging in battle directly, flanking, throwing grenades or even reviving a downed squad mate.

There is no way to disable bots, but there is a limit to how many of them you can find in a multiplayer match. Overall, you won’t see servers with more AI soldiers than players.

If there are 120 out of 128 players on a server, eight bots will join the game to help balance teams. If a player leaves, another bot will temporarily replace them until a new player joins the game.

How many maps will we have in Battlefield 2042?

At launch, we will have seven maps in Total War mode (which includes Conquest and Disruption). According to EA, in terms of gameplay and terrain, this is the biggest and boldest battleground ever built in the series.

Different game modes will use different areas of the maps. For example, when playing Conquest, you will fight in certain areas of the map that are not available in Break mode and vice versa.

There are many buildings on the maps, can I enter them all?

You will not be able to play on all floors of skyscrapers. But you can enter the lobby and the roof, which can be accessed by elevators and ziplines.

These were the main questions answered by the developers of Battlefield 2042, remembering that the game will be released on October 22, 2021. Check out more information about the game on EA Play on Thursday, July 22 on the VOXEL channel.

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