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Due to the removal of one of the tanks in the composition of teams in Overwatch 2, the Bastion and Shadow characters will have their abilities changed according to the new structure. During the grand final of the Overwatch League, last Saturday (25), Blizzard showcased the heroes’ reworks and their revamped powers. For now, the game still doesn’t have an exact release date.

Bastion and Shadow will be modified with rework in Overwatch 2 (Images: Disclosure/Blizzard)

Bastion and Shadow were created to deal with tanks focused on protection. While Bastion could easily break any shield with his machine gun in Setup: Sentry, Shadow was able to completely nullify the defenders’ abilities for a few seconds with his hacking power.

In Overwatch 2, as the teams will have one less tank, the two heroes will be modified to not harm the game balance. Shadow’s changes only altered the effect of his powers, but Bastion gained new abilities, including an all-new ultimate.

Bastion will move in machine gun mode

The sentinel robot will be completely redesigned in Overwatch 2, starting with its basic form — the Recognition mode — in which Bastion can hit enemies from farther away, but with less rate of fire. The traditional machine gun form will become temporary, will deal less damage, and the hero will be able to move slowly while the skill is active.

The current AutoRepair ability — used to heal the robot — will cease to exist to make way for the Tactical Grenade. With this power, Bastion launches an energy sphere that bounces off walls, sticks to the ground, and detonates after a while, dealing damage and knocking back enemies.

The ultimate Reset will be exchanged for Setup: Artillery, an ability with which Bastion stays immobile for a few seconds and fires three powerful projectiles into the air. These shots can be manually aimed at up to three different areas on the entire map.

Watch the video that shows Bastion’s rework below:

Shadow can hack while invisible

In Sombra, the changes will be concentrated on your abilities to hack opponents and detect enemies. With its new passive power — which doesn’t need to be activated with a command — the character will now deal 50% more damage to hacked targets, instead of being able to see people with low health through walls and other objects.

Shadow will be able to hack enemies more often, and the effect will last longer, but the opponent’s abilities will be blocked for just a second. Additionally, hacked enemies can be seen through structures throughout the heroine’s team. When hacking medical kits, the power’s cooldown will no longer be reduced, and the effect’s duration will decrease from 60 to 30 seconds.

The ultimate Electromagnetic Pulse will no longer remove shields, but will now deal damage equivalent to 40% of opponents’ current health. In the Stealth power, Shadow will be able to hack enemies while invisible, however she can be seen in the process. Finally, the character’s automatic pistol will deal slightly less damage, but will hit more distant targets.

Check out the video rework of Shadow below:

Overwatch 2 will be used in Overwatch League 2022

Overwatch 2 There is still no release date, however Blizzard revealed that the game will be used in the Overwatch League in a preview version, starting in April of next year, with all 32 characters available. This means that, until then, it is likely that all possible hero reworks will be presented.

With information: GamesRadar, IGN.

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