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In the past few days, several people have been intrigued by a financial product from the Bank of Brazil geared towards game fans: this is the Gamer Consortium, a way to save money in up to 48 months to purchase a “PS4, headset kit, driving kit, PC Gamer, virtual reality glasses, equipment and more”. THE Tecnoblog contacted BB to understand this better.

First of all, it is worth remembering that a consortium is a group of people paying a monthly amount for a fixed period – 36 or 48 months, for example – so that everyone can purchase a good (house, car) or service (retirement, travel). Usually, if you were to do this on your own, you would only have enough money for these items after months or years.

The difference is that, in the consortium, you do not have to wait so long: there is a raffle so that some participants in the group receive the money before paying all the installments. It is possible to increase your chances by offering an amount that will be discounted from the outstanding balance.

BB Consórcio has several categories of goods, including the traditional types of real estate and automobiles; and in 2020, the bank added new options to “choose your video game, build that cool PC or buy equipment to play with” – words from the company itself.

Banco do Brasil - gamer consortium

In a statement to the Tecnoblog, Banco do Brasil explains that it updated its portfolio in the Other Furniture Assets consortium segment: “in this renewal, considering the growing esports market, specific reference goods for the gamer audience were included, with values ​​from R $ 1,250 to R $ 11 thousand, aiming to achieve greater visibility in this niche ”.

This ended up calling attention due to the increase in the price of electronics: cell phones were already becoming more expensive, as well as PCs and consoles, something that only got worse with the pandemic of COVID-19 and with the rise of the dollar. The “gamer consortium” seems to be a sign that these higher values ​​are here to stay.

How the Banco do Brasil Gamer Consortium works

The following are BB’s options geared towards gamers:

Product Plots Contract value Monthly installment approx.
Gamer Chair 48 R $ 1,250 R $ 33.55
Gamer Kit I 48 R $ 1,750 R $ 46.98
Gamer Kit II 36 R $ 1,750 R $ 63.26
Video Card Gamer 48 R $ 3,500 R $ 93.96
Console Gamer 48 R $ 4,500 R $ 120.80
PC Gamer 47 R $ 6,500 R $ 181.57
Top Gamer Kit 47 R $ 8,500 R $ 237.43
PC Gamer Top 47 R $ 11,000 R $ 307.28

The names are very generic – video card, gamer kit top – and that’s on purpose. The terms are used only to describe the consortium: after all, you do not receive a PS4 or an Nvidia GeForce RTX, but the credit to purchase products in this category.

“If the consortium member has a Gamer Consortium, when contemplated, he can choose to buy any good in the segment, for example: he can buy gamer equipment, but he can also buy electronics, gym equipment or even musical instruments”, explains BB .

Likewise, BB Consórcio has been setting up groups to acquire smartwatch (R $ 2,500), tablet (R $ 5,000), smartphone (R $ 8,000) and notebook (R $ 13,000). The bank has been offering a consumer electronics consortium for some years, but the gamer category is new.

In fact, Banco do Brasil will give R $ 16 thousand in prizes to the winners of BGS Jam, the Brasil Game Show online marathon: in it, teams of students had 48 hours to create a game during the last weekend. Of the total, R $ 10,000 will be offered in a letter of credit from BB Consórcio Gamer.

Anyone can hire the Gamer Consortium, including account holders and non-account holders: it is available through the website, BB app, self-service terminals, agencies and business partners. The draws to receive the money in advance are carried out by the Federal Lottery. In the application, it is possible to do the simulation and check details such as the cost of participation and the administration fee.

Banco do Brasil - gamer consortium

Collaborated: Ricardo Fraga.

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