Bajaj Bajuri Aired Again, 7 Portraits and Latest News Players

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the appeal for PSBB, many TV stations re-air their old soap operas on the grounds of lack of content and want to provide nostalgic shows to people who are doing activities at home.

One of them is the Bajaj Bajuri legendary sitcom which began airing on April 22, 2020. Airs at 8:30 WIB every Monday – Friday on Trans TV. Almost all people like the sitcom which is iconic with this bajaj vehicle, because the story is closely related to daily life and combined with comedy that is able to invite laughter.

Here are 7 portraits and the latest news from the Bajaj Bajuri sitcom player, who are back on air to provide entertainment amid this COVID-19 pandemic!

1. Mat Solar, Bajuri the Bajaj driver

The figure of Bang Jury or Bajuri is played by Nasrullah or better known by the stage name Mat Solar. After starring in the Bajaj Bajuri sitcom (2002-2007) which made his name skyrocketed. Mat Solar again starred in the Porridge Pilgrimage Ride on the Hajj The Series (2012) as H.Sulam, and made his name popular again. TBNH has become one of the people’s favorite shows.

But after that Mat Solar had to fight hard against the stroke he suffered a few years later, and until now Mat Solar still continues to fight against the disease. May Mat Solar recover quickly, yes!

2. Rieke Diah Pitaloka, plays the role of an innocent Bajuri wife

Bajaj Bajuri Aired Again, 7 Portraits and Latest News

Stealing the attention with his silly behavior with her husband Bajuri, making the character Oneng often invite laughter and quite attached to Rieke Diah Pitaloka until now. But now Rike is no longer active in the entertainment industry and is focused on his responsibilities as a member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR 2019-2024 period.

This is the third period Rieke Diah Pitaloka became a Member of the Indonesian Parliament from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) through the West Java Electoral District II (2009-2014) and through Electoral District VII (2014-2019) and (2019-2024).

3. Fanny Fadillah, actor of Yusup bin Sanusi alias Ucup

Bajaj Bajuri Aired Again, 7 Portraits and Latest News

Actor Ucup or Yusup Bin Sanusi, played by actor Fanny Fadillah. His role as Ucup in the Bajaj Bajuri sitcom made Fanny Fadillah’s name skyrocket, so Ucup’s name was quite inherent in Fanny Fadillah.

Even in two other soap operas that starred Fanny Fadillah, she returned to play a character named Ucup, Motorcycle taxi driver and Child of the Sky. Until now Fanny Fadillah is still active in the world of entertainment by playing soap operas, widescreen movies and FTV.

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4. Jovanka Mardova, cast of Debby’s friend Oneng

Bajaj Bajuri Aired Again, 7 Portraits and Latest News

The name Jovanka Mardova was popular in the mid 90s to the 2000s as a model, commercial star, and soap opera player. But after he starred in the Bajaj Bajuri sitcom as Debby, he rarely appeared on the screen.

The latest news that the author has observed from his Instagram social media account with the username “jovankamardova”, he is busy taking care of his children and occasionally share his time with his family.

5. Saleh Ali Bawazier, Said’s iconic actor

Bajaj Bajuri Aired Again, 7 Portraits and Latest News

Saleh Ali Bawazier’s role as Said in the Bajaj Bajuri sitcom is inherent until now, even it has become Saleh’s stage name. Latest Saleh has rarely appeared on the screen and only occasionally shares his activities on his Instagram social media accounts, Saleh is also focusing on taking care of his two children after widening since 2018 ago because his wife died.

6. Nani Wijaya, actor Mother of Bajuri’s mother-in-law

Bajaj Bajuri Aired Again, 7 Portraits and Latest News

Before playing in the Bajaj Bajuri sitcom, by playing the role of Emak who always sentiments with Bajuri’s job as a bajaj driver with a mediocre income, Nani Wijaya had been full of acting experience since the 60s.

Until now the artist who will be 76 years old in November will still often appear on the screen even though his role is only as a co-starring actor, such as the soap opera Third Person (2018), Don’t Call Me Pak Haji (2020) and the Story of Stepchildren Love (2020). Hopefully Nani Wijaya continues to be healthy and can still provide experience to young artists / actors.

7. Tuti Hestuti, Mpok Hindun actor who likes to fight with Mother

Bajaj Bajuri Aired Again, 7 Portraits and Latest News TV Official

Maybe not many people know the real name of Mpok Hindun in the Bajaj Bajuri sitcom, his distinctive voice, sassy attitude and striking makeup that is still the hallmark of the owner’s full name Tuti Hestuti, as evidenced by his role in the soap opera Tjek Ojek Pengkolan as Mrs. Tut sells vegetables. Stay healthy and hope we can still entertain us all, amen.

Those are 7 portraits and the latest news of the Bajaj Bajuri sitcom player who had become a favorite spectacle in 2002-2007 and is currently aired again to entertain and make you feel nostalgic.

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