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What’s coming in July on Amazon Prime Video: check out what’s new

Amazon Prime Video Brasil revealed the list of news to its subscribers in July.The new season of the original series Hanna, The acclaimed Mad Men, the fun Modern Family, In addition to blockbuster films...

“Oh, James!” : the elite of James Bond girls

Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress)The film: James Bond vs. Dr. NoThe role: the one that has so far remained in people's minds as THE quintessential James Bond girl. Honey is certainly very beautiful, but also...

Finance and environmental protection go hand in hand when it comes to our health

Although the corona pandemic is currently presenting the global community with immense challenges, environmental and climate protection remain high on our agenda. Because the health of our children and grandchildren is closely linked to...

Continental brings a reduction in collective working hours into play

Düsseldorf, Stuttgart The forecast is frightening: Instead of more than 98 million vehicles like 2018, experts expect global production to collapse to a maximum of 70 million vehicles this year. Overcapacities of around a...

Netflix, Amazon, Disney: paid streaming is booming

There is a high willingness to pay for streamingPicture: The Walt Disney Company Limited, screenshot: Paid video streaming services are pleased about the rapidly increasing number...

Pixar films from worst to best

Here is Première's incredible Pixar top. How to classify masterpieces? How do you decide that an ultimate melo is better than a great comedy? Clearly, how to list the 15 Pixars from worst...

Editorial: Platform change – News

Moving away from Intel: Apple plans to install its own processors in its Macs in the futurePicture: picture alliance / picture alliance / Peter Kneffel / dpa