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The news for the month of Paramount+ has already been announced and has releases in the catalog of films, series and even for children. Among the highlights of this month is the debut of Infinite, starring Mark Wahlberg, and also the inclusion of all seasons of the classic series Dangerous profession, which shows the missions done by Angus MacGyver. Check out all the news in the catalog below.

Paramount+ application (Image: Lucas Braga/Tecnoblog)

Movies premiering on Paramount+ in August


Starring Mark Wahlberg, Infinite is an action and science fiction film that addresses the concept of reincarnation. During the film, the characters use memories and skills acquired in past lives to secure the future of humanity, protecting the planet from those who seek to end life on Earth.

Between Guns and Toys

Christmas-themed, Between Guns and Toys is a comedy starring Mel Gibson who plays a Santa Claus who is struggling to save his failed business. Meanwhile, Billy, a precocious and careless 12-year-old boy, hires an assassin to kill Santa Claus after being disappointed in his gift.

Secret Service Invasion

Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler are the protagonists of Secret Service Invasion. In an assassination attempt on the President of the United States, secret service agent Mike Banning is wrongfully accused and arrested after escaping capture. Mike becomes a fugitive and must escape his own agency, while the FBI becomes involved in the search for the real threat to the president.

of love and darkness

Directed by Natalie Portman, of love and darkness tells the life of a boy who grows up during the war in Jerusalem. At age twelve, his mother commits suicide and completely changes the family’s life, as the character starts working as a writer, actively participating in the country’s political life.

call me by your name

Critically acclaimed, the drama features young French and Italian descent Perlman Elio who spends the summer at his parents’ house. However, everything changes with the arrival of Oliver, an academic who came to help his father’s research. The script, which follows their trajectory, was created by James Ivory, based on the eponymous book by writer André Sobren, published in 2007.

eternal lovers

Another novel that hits Paramount+ in August is the Eternal Lovers. The film tells the story of love and reunion between vampires Adam and Eve, which has lasted for centuries. However, their romance is disturbed by the arrival of their unruly younger sister Ava.

Series that debut on Paramount+ in August

100 Code

Launched in 2015, 100 Code is a crime series that puts you on an investigation into a series of common murders over the past year. The serial killer’s preference for young blondes with blue eyes catches the eye of Tommy Conley, a New York detective who is sent to Sweden to try to unravel the crime spree.


Police and investigative drama, Mirage arrives at Paramount+ in August telling the story of Claire, a young woman who suffered the death of her husband Gabriel in a tsunami in 2004. However, one day she sees her husband’s reflection in a restaurant window and returns to investigate his supposed death . On the mission, Claire must deal with blackmail, nuclear sabotage and even lying to the people she loves most.

Mirage Series (Image: Disclosure/Paramount_

Mirage (Image: Disclosure/Paramount)


In Chosen, Ian Mitchell is a lawyer and father who one day receives a box containing a gun and a picture of a stranger, with instructions to kill the person photographed. He is later attacked by another stranger and discovers that he has been chosen by a mysterious organization known as The Watchers. Mitchell is now part of a deadly game that surrounds people every day, though not everyone knows it.

Profession: Danger – MacGyver (1985)

For the most nostalgic and nostalgic, the famous secret agent MacGyver arrives at Paramount+ in all seven seasons of Dangerous profession In August. Success in the 80s and 90s, the character is remembered by fans of the series for solving highly complex situations using only a powerful Swiss army knife in his missions.

Profession: Danger (Image: Reproduction)

Profession: Danger (Image: Reproduction)

Children’s content available in August

Danger Force

A Nickelodeon production, the series Danger Force features four young people enrolled in the academy Schwoz who underwent mutations and gained super powers. From then on, the group needs to learn to deal with their new powers and still hide their real identities from other students and even from their own family.

a monster in paris

New in the catalog of children’s movies, a monster in paris tells the story of Emile, a movie theater projectionist who is interested in Maud but is afraid to express his feelings. In the adventure, Emile and a friend embark on the hunt for a mysterious monster that has been terrorizing the city of Paris.

Other news in the children’s catalog

  • Club 57 (2nd season)
  • SpongeBob (Season 12)
  • Blazer and the Monster Machines (5th season)

So what do you plan to watch on Paramount+ in August?

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