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From now on Tecnoblog also starts publishing games that enter and leave the Game Pass catalog, Microsoft’s subscription service for its Xbox platforms and Windows 10 PC. In addition to news from Twitch Prime, Nintendo, Games With Gold and PS Plus, see the Game Pass games in August.

Game Pass

The Game Pass is a service available to all users who have an Xbox Live account and also devices such as Xbox One and Windows 10 computers, with a rotating catalog, that is, with entry and exit of titles.

In Brazil it is available in three different modalities. Game Pass prices are:

  • R $ 29 per month on the console to access the game catalog
  • R $ 39 per month on the console to access the Xbox Live Gold game catalog and subscription (Game Pass Ultimate)
  • R $ 29 per month on Windows 10 to access the game catalog (Game Pass Ultimate)

Subscriptions are separated by device type. In addition, the first month is offered at R $ 1 in Game Pass Ultimate plans.

As long as the user keeps the subscription active, he still has access to the games. When games leave the catalog, it is not possible to continue playing even if you have already downloaded them.

In addition, Game Pass users have a 20% discount for definitive purchase of the games available in the catalog, while they are present in the subscription.

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Game Pass: August games

In August, the highlights are the high definition version of Final Fantasy VII, PSOne classic, and Darksiders: Genesis. See the full list, with the date when the game is released:

Darksiders Genesis (Console only) – August 6

Darksiders Genesis is an action-adventure game set in the Darksiders universe, but uses isometric gameplay, similar to games like Diablo and Torchlight. It has elements of RPG and survival.

It Lurks Below (Console and PC) – August 6

Survival game with retro graphics and 2D gameplay. The world is created at random when we start a game, similar to Minecraft and Terraria. In fact, Terraria seems to be the main inspiration. The game is by game designer David Brevik, one of the original creators of Diablo 1.

game pass games august

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (Console) – August 6

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan brings horror and survival with a unique narrative, based on player choices for the survival of the characters.

Trailmakers (Console and PC) – August 6

Build your vehicles and test them in difficult-to-drive environments in this title with a high dose of exaggerated simulation. It is possible to create cars, helicopters, robots and send them to external missions.

game pass games august

Undermine (Console and PC) – August 6

Undermine is more of a survival game but in the “rogue like” style. Invade dungeons and mines and try to beat monsters and collect items. The isometric view and retro graphics refer to classics like Chrono Trigger and Zelda.

Xeno Crisis (Console and PC) – August 6

Do not confuse with Xenoblade or Dino Crisis. This original game is in the “shooter” style, where shooting is the main mission, while defeating giant monsters in tight stages and with retro graphics. Reminds classics like Contra.

Final Fantasy VII HD (Console and PC) – August 13

The only game that doesn’t make it to Game Pass on the 6th, Final Fantasy VII HD is the enhanced version of Square Enix’s absolute classic, which recently won a remake on PS4. The title is one of the most praised of the entire RPG saga and brings a plot with political and environmental messages, while the hero Cloud struggles to remember his past.

The games that come out in August

For now, these are the games confirmed to leave the Game Pass in August. Play while there’s still time:

  • Devil May Cry 5 – August 15
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance – August 15
  • Yoku’s Island Express – August 15

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