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Audio-Technica, a Japanese audio products company, opened a branch in Brazil. The movement is accompanied by a partnership with a local distributor for installation lines, conferences and broadcast; is Lecran Tecnologia that will dispatch the entire line professional. Karimex, Audio-Technica’s partner in Brazilian retail for four years, continues to work consumer, including headphones, microphones and turntables.

The partnership in the corporate area is strategic to offer high performance audio solutions for meeting rooms, conference and auditoriums, churches, schools and universities, radio and TV broadcasters, media producers, concerts and events in general.

Audio-Technica Microphone (Image: Press Release / Audio-Technica)

More Audio-Technica products at retail

Alexandro de Azevedo, CEO of Audio-Technica do Brasil, told the Tecnoblog that the brand has always been present, but a little discreet.

In recent years, the headquarters for Latin America was in Buenos Aires, Argentina – which managed everything but Brazil and Mexico. With the change, Audio-Technica do Brasil (ATBR) starts to manage the company’s business in the country in line with the new Latam structure and with the Audio-Technica América Latina (ATAL) subsidiary, which is still based in Buenos Aires.

“Our goal now is to leverage business. We have entered more deeply into Brazilian retail. Then, we closed a distributor for the professional lines and we are taking care of the certification at Anatel, which has to be done with care ”, he says.

Audio-Tehcnica already has an official store in the Mercado Livre, is in the Fast Shop and on Amazon. The official website and manuals are being translated into Portuguese.

Alexandro de Azevedo, CEO of Audio-Technica do Brasil (Image: Personal Collection)

Alexandro de Azevedo, CEO of Audio-Technica do Brasil (Image: Personal Collection)

At the moment, Azevedo ruled out the chance of national manufacture and there is no forecast for such an initiative. However, it promised aggressive pricing strategies.

“We will continue to seek to be as aggressive as possible, as a manufacturer and as a distributor. We are able to be competitive when we compare the same product ”.

What’s next?

The company has sent products for approval by Anatel and promises new models of entry-level turntable (record player) and also professionals (for DJs) with bluetooth, in addition to a bundle including speakers. Also expected in May is the expansion of the AT-20 line of microphones and the portfolio of headphones.


Description Model
Cardioid condenser microphone AT2020
Media streaming / podcasting package with AT2020 and ATH-M2OX AT2020PK
USB cardioid condenser microphone AT2020USB +
Media streaming / podcasting package with AT2020USB and ATH-M20X AT2020USB + PK
AT2035 cardioid condenser microphone AT2035
Media streaming / podcasting package with AT2035 and ATH-M2OX AT2035PK
Multi-pattern cardioid condenser microphone AT2050
Handheld cardioid condenser microphone AT2010
X / Y stereo microphone AT2022
Cardioid condenser microphone for instruments AT2031
Cardioid condenser microphone for instruments AT2021
Package with AT2020 and AT-2021 AT2041SP


Description Model Suggested price
Fully automatic belt-driven wireless stereo turntable AT-LP60XBT

(black or red)

R $ 1,799.00
Fully automatic, wireless, belt-driven stereo turntable (analog and USB) AT-LP60XBT-USB R $ 2,037.60
Fully automatic belt-driven wireless stereo turntable with AT-SP65 Bluetooth speaker AT-LP60xSPBT-BK R $ 2,637.60
Turntable with direct drive (analog and USB) AT-LP120XBT-USB R $ 4,077.60

From entry-level products to pampering for audiophiles, the company promises that some of the global launches can arrive simultaneously in the country, which has a market.

“The company today is aware of the country’s potential, it knows that it is a difficult country, that it has tax, import and commercial barriers, a high tax burden… All of this the company already understands, but it also knows the potential that Brazil has and this was demonstrated in last year’s results ”, he added.

Sony orphans

The reinforcement in the brand and also in the distribution, comes at a time when Sony, another Japanese company in the electronics sector, ends its factory activities in Brazil.

“We see an opportunity, because perhaps a Sony customer will eventually look at the Audio-Technica brand and consider it. But, despite being two Japanese brands, they are different strategies and different moments. Sony was in Brazil for a long time ”, he ponders.

Audio-Technica Phone (Image: Yash Prajapati / Usplash)

Audio-Technica Phone (Image: Yash Prajapati / Usplash)

Audio-Technica technical assistance

For those who are looking for technical assistance, who currently takes care of the process is Engevideo. The company is located in São Paulo, capital, but Azevedo guarantees that, being under warranty, the shipment of the device for repair is free of charge from any part of Brazil. If late, freight may be reduced by partnerships with carriers.

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