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Cell phone owners Asus in Brazil have been complaining in recent months that the device suddenly stopped working, sometimes after an Android update: it stays on bootloop, stuck in the company logo, without loading the system. There are complaints about the Zenfone 5 (2018), Max Shot, Max Plus (M2) and others, all already out of warranty. The manufacturer tells the Tecnoblog that customers need to call for technical assistance, and the repair is paid for.

Asus Zenfone Max Shot and Max Plus M2 (Image: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

Bootloop on Asus Zenfone phones

A group on Telegram dedicated to the Zenfone Max Shot and Max Plus (M2) receives several reports of bootloop – basically one per week.

“I have a Max Shot in my hand, it is in an infinite loop; according to the owner, after an update ”, says one of the participants. “Cell phone locked on the Asus screen and does not start … He suddenly froze the screen, hung up and was in a loop”, explains another.

The video below, shared in the group, shows a Max Shot in bootloop:

Felipe Vieira, who also participates in the group, owns a Zenfone Max Plus (M2). “The device has several defects such as locking, camera freezing, camera taking green photos,” he tells the Tecnoblog. “Once, while I was using the device, he entered the Asus screen and stayed; I only managed to fix it by restoring the ROM stock. ”

Max Shot ROM developer Rian S. tells the Tecnoblog that there are more serious cases: “the main problem is the hard bricks that affect all eMMC storage, making it difficult to recover the device”.

The Zenfone Max Shot and Max Plus (M2) share the same model name (ZB634KL) and feature the Snapdragon SiP 1, Qualcomm’s mobile platform that includes the processor, graphics chip, modem, GPS, flash memory, RAM, among others.

Zenfone 5 (2018) also suffers from bootloop

Asus Zenfone 5 (Image: Paulo Barba / Tecnoblog)

Asus Zenfone 5 (Image: Paulo Barba / Tecnoblog)

Complaints are also present in Reclame Aqui, and end up encompassing other Asus models. “I have a Zenfone 5 model ZE620KL… simply DO NOTHING the phone went out and died; when calling, the Asus logo appears and turns off again ”, reports a user.

Another owner of Zenfone 5 (2018) also had this problem: “one month after the end of the warranty, I was at home, using my cell phone normally, when it simply turned off… the device turned on and was stuck on the home screen, the one with the logo Asus and never came back ”. He says he resorted to technical assistance where there were five Zenfones 5 with the same flaw.

There is also the owner of a Zenfone Max Pro (M1) who says: “he hung up for good; I went to the Asus website and instructed to do a reset, I try to perform the procedure, but without success; when I try to connect, it does not leave the Android and Asus logo and completely disconnects ”.

In Reclame Aqui, Asus responds basically the same way: advising the customer to seek technical assistance, and advising that “it will not be possible to repair it within the manufacturer’s 12 month warranty”; the repair needs to be done “on budget”.

Complaint against Asus (Image: Reproduction / Complain Here)

Complaint against Asus (Image: Reproduction / Complain Here)

Asus asks to contact technical assistance

Initially, Asus responded to the Tecnoblog saying that “not all cases are related to updating”. She asks the user to reset the cell phone and, if that doesn’t solve it, contact the support.

“According to the reports, according to the company’s assessment, not all cases are related to updating,” says the statement. “ASUS recommends that, initially, users restore their smartphones to factory settings, as it is possible to perform a hard reset even when in bootloop.”

Instructions for factory reset are on this link. Asus continues: “if the problem is still not solved, the product should be sent to a technical assistance for analysis on a case-by-case basis”.

The problem is that the phones affected by the bootloop are already out of warranty, so they would need to pay to fix the defect – and in some cases, this was caused by a software update from Asus itself. Another issue is that the support is in São Paulo, and the customer needs to dispatch the product, which takes time.

THE Tecnoblog asked Asus if it could make an exception and provide free repair to anyone affected by the bootloop failure. The company reinforced that “users must follow the recommendation and send the products to the authorized service, whether or not they are under warranty”.

In addition, she replied: “each case will be evaluated and its treatment will be defined individually; according to company technicians, it is not possible to generalize a conduct, as there is no pattern in the occurrences and moments of failure in the notifications in question ”.

This may not be enough. Felipe Vieira, who participates in the Telegram group on Max Shot and Max Plus (M2), says he has used Asus support more than four times “and they do nothing about it, even with updates”.

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