Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: freedom is the keyword

Vikings. There is no denying it, the history of these people is impressive. Its rich mythology has been widely used by all possible media, appearing in cinema, series and, obviously, in games. The world of these people is so incredible that even a Greek god decided to change a little bit… Isn’t that right, Kratos? It is in this universe that we will dive from the 10th of November with Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

These are our second impressions of the game. And I say Mondays, because we already made a previous text, when Vini played three hours and can comment what he thought, but now it was my turn. After six hours of playing I can say: this will be much better than Origins or Odyssey.

I think it’s important to note that I ran the title on a PC equipped with a Nvidia RTX 2080 super graphics card, with all the settings on the ultra.

Initial mystery

The first thing we do is choose whether to play with Eivor, or A Eivor. Found it similar to Odyssey? More or less. In Valhalla, the player will be able to choose the gender of his character whenever he wants, and in an interview with VOXEL, the Lead Producer (or Lead Producer) of the game commented that this has a reason and that he could not speak, since it would be a great spoiler

So, I started my gameplay with something to think about: what within the lore of B.C would make sense of that? Can you simply change your main character at any time? This will make sense in the end, so unfortunately, these questions can only be answered when I finish the game. But I confess that I liked being hooked by this mystery.

Bye, levels!


Say goodbye to the level system now. At least, in the area that I walked, I was able to simply do whatever I wanted, explore anywhere calmly, without worrying about being killed by a level 85 boar more powerful than a legion of Greek soldiers.

In fact, we still have a leveling system, which is getting more back to power and works as follows: as you gain experience, a bar in the upper right corner of the screen increases, and when it fills, two skill points are available to distribute in your skill tree, which is divided into three main characteristics:

Yellow – for long-range attacks

Blue – focused on stealth actions

Red – which involves melee blows

When you earn points, you go through this tree, which in the game has the shape of constellations, and acquiring new powers and status for your character.

In Valhalla we have many of the things we already know and we are used to Assassins Creed. Get ready for a lot of tower synchronization to open the map, stealth murders – and others not so silent – leaps of faith and all the other features presented throughout the series.



But let’s focus here on what Valhalla brings it again. One of the most interesting new mechanics is the construction of its base. After all, you are an invader, you are far from your homeland, and you need to settle down and build your own home in this new location.

In the build we played, our base was already at level 3 and with some things already set up, like a blacksmith who will ask you for missions, materials to work with, and will still turn to you, the hero or heroine of the story, when you face other problems.


There are several things that can be improved on the base, and the more you dedicate yourself to looting and bringing materials, the bigger and better it gets.

Colony locations include the brewery, for celebrations that offer a temporary buff; creating a Jomsviking, a type of tough soldier who joins his band; the Tattoo Shop, which allows you to modify the character’s appearance; and other huts like that of the fisherman, the hunter and the merchant. In addition to all this, it is possible to add a touch of class by adding decorative pieces to your home.

Okay, the base looks cool and such … But what else will I find in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Like any good Viking, you are an invader, so nothing better than to INVAD, using very interesting raid mechanics.


Although we are used to quietly eliminating our targets, the game provides the opportunity to be a complete spoiler, arriving in a village or citadel, touching the horn and invoking the crowd for a good old loot.

In this approach, you will call your band of war and play terror. During these invasions, he will witness his comrades fighting and dying, being able to take a break from the slaughter to lend a hand to his fallen colleagues.

The beat will eat!


Battles are better and MUCH bloodier compared to Origins and Odyssey, with sinister dismemberments and VERY violent blows. After all, Vikings were not very friendly with those who did not accept their rule.

Enemies have a second meter just above the health bar, which is aimed at stamina or defense. When we block an attack or parry, part of that bar disappears, and when it runs out, we can apply a BEAUTIFUL special attack that has a very graphic animation (better get the kids out of the room!).

Eivor has incomparable combat skills, being able to easily use a one-handed weapon and a shield, a long two-handed weapon or even use two weapons, one in each hand, with great mastery. The character’s movements are very fluid in any of these three options, which shows an evolution compared to the previous titles.


In order to face Leofrith, one of the bosses of this demo, I had to test each type of weapon, in an attempt to understand which of the mechanics was better to face such an enemy. I got beaten up twice until I understood better how to exploit my enemy’s weakness and adapt, it was a great experience.

The system of special skills remains. Eivor can choose up to eight “powers” ​​to equip and use during fights, four of which are long-distance (using the bow) and four melee. In this DEMO I was able to try some, I didn’t find any of them very out of the box of what we already saw in the franchise, so don’t expect too much in this regard. These powers can be acquired or improved by finding Tomes of knowledge, which are spread across Britain.

Freedom to go wherever you want


As I said earlier, even though the enemy’s level system is over, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find some very powerful freaks out there. During my gambling, I met a Templar and went to put the beast on him. Needless to say what the result was, right?

However, Valhalla offers you much greater freedom to explore the scene. Here, enemies and battles are much more organic, you feel much more comfortable looking for your loots calmly, and there is no need to do a boring and absurd grind to go to a new area, or collect new materials. Freedom is what the game brought out the best and is the keyword of this new chapter of the franchise.

In the part I played at least, I was introduced to simple puzzles, but they appeared on the map in a very quiet way, without breaking the immersion of the game. Of course, there are some missions, which we cannot show here, that break the pace of a common Viking adventure, they have to do with the game plot itself, but in order not to give spoilers, I will not go into too much depth. Other than that, the fantasy of living in the time of Ragnar Lothbrok is quite fun.

Exploration is the soul of AC Valhalla, that’s why Ubisoft made sure to fill the world with objects, mysteries and missions so that no one would feel like they were walking through a half-dead Britain.

Going up in some high places you can check the surroundings, finding bright spots that show important items to pick up, as well as a breathtaking look. The Eivor crow can also help in this task, finding more common artifacts, such as animal leather and minerals for collection.

Final considerations

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has everything to be the best of the franchise since Black Flag. At least when it comes to setting, mechanics and battles. For me, who already played all the main games in the series (I just missed the Chronicles) will be worth enjoying this new adventure. And as I said at the beginning, I’m curious to understand how to change the main character at any time is tied to the story.

However, it is possible to note that there is nothing here that reinvents the wheel. Yes, it improves much of what players dislike in previous games, but no big factor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla makes you fight on equal footing with what we have already Cyberpunk 2077, which comes out a week after the Ubi game.

I believe that fans of the killer franchise will like what they see. And I say that based on what I had the opportunity to explore in these almost seven hours of gambling (taking into account that this DEMO doesn’t go very deep in history).

But the game lacks something that will make people at least consider spending their hard-earned money on it instead of buying the competition’s game.

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