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Gasoline in Brazil is increasingly expensive. In an announcement on Thursday (12), Petrobras raised the price at the fuel pump to RS 2.03 per liter — an increase of R$ 0.09 compared to the last adjustment. Saving on fuel has become a concern for many Brazilians — one more that can be remedied with the help of technology. A mobility startup has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) to indicate which gas station is cheaper.

Ticket Log developed TED, which offers the best prices to supply (Image: Eduardo Otubo/ Flickr)

Artificial Intelligence Helps Negotiate Gas Prices

The AI ​​was developed by Ticket Log, a startup that offers solutions for urban transport and logistics, and named TED. Since 2019, the company itself estimates that artificial intelligence has made 3,945 gas station referrals to more than a thousand customers.

Currently, the company has 1 million vehicles registered in the country. To suggest which nearest gas station can be used for refueling, she performs a real-time mapping of the vehicle. Ticket Log claims that it tracks, on average, 8 refuelings per second.

But for the gas station to appear in the offer, it must be registered in the Ticket Log database. In all, the company estimates that there are 21 thousand partner establishments throughout Brazil.

In this sense, TED works as a “right arm” for drivers who access offers. The AI ​​has 17 different functions, and two of them are involved in price negotiation.

The first allows gas stations to suggest prices to the transport fleet manager. This, in turn, can consult the post’s feedback on Sou Log+, Ticket Log’s app that offers TED. The second function of the AI ​​is to recommend gas stations close to the places where the driver usually refuels. This suggestion is also directed to the fleet manager. But, once approved, the recommendation is sent to users, who can use it to save on gasoline.

TED is also able to monitor the adjustment of the vehicles’ gas tank capacity, and indicate which type of fuel can be better when filling the tank: gasoline or ethanol (this varies according to the region of the station).

Data has no human interference, says Ticket Log

Douglas Pina, Urban Market director at Edenred Brasil, owner of Ticket Log, told Tecnoblog that the data collected is treated confidentially and without human interference:

“TED is a resource based on artificial intelligence and applies technology in the use of transactional and registration data of customers. The information is treated in a completely confidential manner and without human interaction, delivering improvement suggestions with restricted access to the fleet manager authorized by each company.”

Ticket Log intends to automate this communication between fleet owner and drivers in the future; the company wants to allow the firing of personalized messages suggesting gas stations.

TED adjusts fuel price calculations according to the vehicle's tank capacity (Image: Photo: Pedro França/Agência Senado)

TED adjusts fuel price calculations according to the vehicle’s tank capacity (Image: Photo: Pedro França/Agência Senado)

“Between April 2020 and April 2021, the volume of companies that use TED in their daily lives increased by 300%”, points out Pina. “The set of solutions offered by the company to help companies that manage fleets was essential to guarantee the supply of essential services during the covid-19 pandemic in the country”, completes the executive.

Solution saved R$ 760 thousand in gasoline for companies

One of the main companies served by Ticket Log through TED is the electricity company Energisa: the mobility startup helped the partner save R$400,000 in supply. Of this amount, more than half was with suggestions for gas stations.

The energy company has 15 thousand employees registered in the startup’s database, who drive 8 million kilometers per month — Ticket Log points out that it generated a total savings of R$ 7.5 million in maintenance services for Energisa.

Another client of Ticket Log’s artificial intelligence solution is the pulp producer Eldorado. After 12 months using fuel trading solutions, the company saved R$360,000 — and found that 3 out of 4 gas stations in the regions where its fleet of trucks was fueled had contracts with Ticket Log.

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