Arrowverse: check out the 7 best series from DC

Have you ever stopped to think about what are the best DC series within the Arrowverse? We do!

The hegemony of hero films on the big screen made The CW launch, in 2012, the series Arrow, which told the story of the Green Arrow. The series was a great success and, from it, the Arrowverse was born, a universe of DC Comics within television.

Since 2012, many other heroes have passed through the hands of The CW and had their stories told on television shows, such as Flash, Supergirl, Green Arrow and, more recently, Superman.

With the end of Arrow, The CW has lost its main reference in this shared world, but has it lost the best series in the DC universe? To remove this doubt, Minha Série brings, using the IMDb numbers, the ranking of the 7 best series in DC that are part of Arrowverso!

(Source: The CW / Reproduction)(Source: The CW / Reproduction)Source: The CW

The bat woman series scores only 3.4 on the IMDb index. Batwoman premiered in 2019 and is in season 2. The negative evaluation of the fans can have several reasons, but the main one must be the change of protagonist after the departure of Ruby Rose and the entry of Javicia Leslie.

The decision affected the idea of ​​sequence and connection with Batwoman, as well as the notes. The first episode of the 2nd season was rated with a score of 4.4. The best note of the series was the result of the presence of several protagonists from other series, in the episode “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two”, which received the note 7.5.

(Source: The CW / Reproduction)(Source: The CW / Reproduction)Source: The CW

Evaluated with note 6.1, Black Lightning tells the story of the first black protagonist hero of the Arrowverse. The series debuted in 2017 and is coming to an end, which should happen at the conclusion of the 4th season (the current one!).

The series began by focusing on the protagonist, but over time it also brought into the spotlight situations involving the rest of the Pierce family. The episodes of the series maintained a performance between 6.0 and 7.8 during the four seasons.

(Source: The CW / Reproduction)(Source: The CW / Reproduction)Source: The CW

With note 6.2, Supergirl had a different path from most of the Arroverse series. The first season of the series was made by CBS and appeared to be outside a larger television universe. However, at the end of season 1, Flash appeared in the last episode and Supergirl ended up at The CW from the following season.

The series focuses on the heroine as the main protector of National City. Even though it had the largest audiences on CBS, the storyline and ratings improved a lot with the entry of Supergirl on the Arrowverse. As in the episode “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1”, when it received 8.8 on IMDb.

(Source: The CW / Reproduction)(Source: The CW / Reproduction)Source: The CW

Rated at 6.8, the series features a group of characters who travel through time trying to resolve situations. None of the characters is one of DC’s greatest heroes, but the series had several cameos. The highest score given to a chapter was 9.0, in episodes that had interaction with other protagonists of the Arrowverse.

The characters of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow they were reunited by Rip Hunter and they travel in time to try to defend the timeline of all the villains. Because of this, the series is very present in other programs of Arrowverse.

(Source: The CW / Reproduction)(Source: The CW / Reproduction)Source: The CW

The CW’s first hit ends up not being the Arrowverse’s highest-rated show. Arrow is rated with a 7.5. The first season dictated a hype for the rest of the series, which even managed to be followed.

Arrow had some ups and downs during the eight seasons, but managed to keep most episodes rated above 8.0 by fans on IMDb. Reaching a 9.7 score in the episode Lian Yu, season 5 finale.

(Source: The CW / Reproduction)(Source: The CW / Reproduction)Source: The CW

The second major success launched by The CW was The Flash. The series tells the story of the fastest man in the world and was rated 7.7 on IMDb. The hero appeared, even before the series itself, in Arrow’s 2nd season, when he won super speed.

Although he does not name the universe, Flash is largely responsible for the existence of the Arrowverse, setting the stage for various metahumans and interacting with other heroes, such as Supergirl.

(Source: The CW / Reproduction)(Source: The CW / Reproduction)Source: The CW

The latest release from The CW has also kept the ratings between 8.3 and 9.0. please note that Superman & Lois there were only six episodes aired, so it’s easier to keep the average. The series features a Superman plus family, concerned with his hometown and the development of his children.

The plot of the series has not yet connected to other programs on The CW. However, the terrain was well prepared for the series, since the hero has been appearing in other Arrowverse series for some time, even being a spin-off of Supergirl.

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