Ark Survival Evolved: see all game codes and commands

Developed and distributed by Studio Wildcard, Ark: Survival Evolved is an open world survival adventure that allows players to explore an island full of mystery and danger. In addition to needing to seek shelter and keep their health up to date, players must also fight for their own safety, fighting various primitive creatures and various species of dinosaurs — which can be defeated and even tamed.

Despite the standard appeal of survival games, sometimes all we want is a little more freedom to enjoy games our way, and that’s where cheats come in. In Arkyou can enable commands to get many advantages and take full advantage of everything the adventure has to offer in single player and multiplayer modes (if you are the administrator or have the server password).

How to use cheats in Ark: Survival Evolved

First of all, you need to enable the codes in the game’s admin panel. To do this, just press the “Tab” key on PC, “MENU” on Xbox or “OPTIONS” on PlayStation. On Nintendo Switch, you need to pause the game by pressing the “MORE” button and then pressing and holding the L, R, X and Y buttons at the same time.

With the admin panel enabled, type “enablecheats” (without the quotes) and confirm. This will enable cheat codes to work in the game. The following is a list of the main commands that can be used in Ark: Survival Evolved and their respective descriptions.

Ark’s top cheats

  • God — turns on godmode, which makes the player immortal (except for drowning).
  • InfiniteStats — Fills health, stamina, oxygen, food, and water bars.
  • GMBuff — this code gives the advantages of the combined God and InfiniteStats codes, and also gives a buff to experience points.
  • EnemyInvisible — all creatures ignore the player, even if attacked.
  • LeaveMeAlone — adds all the benefits of the God, InfiniteStats and EnemyInvisible codes added together.
  • ChangeSize — changes the size according to the multiplier. exchange by the multiplier number (default is 1).
  • Fly — use this code to fly. If you want to walk again, type “walk” (without the quotes) to disable the flight.
  • Ghost — lets you pass through walls and structures. If you want to go back to normal, type “walk” (without the quotes) to disable ghost mode.
  • GiveEngrams — unlocks all crafting recipes.
  • GiveEngramsTekOnly — unlocks only Tek engrams.
  • GiveResources — adds 50 units of each resource to the inventory.
  • GiveColors — adds units of each paint color to the inventory.
  • DoTame — tames target creature (if it’s tamable).
  • ForceTame — tames target creature and lets you ride it even without using a saddle.
  • ForceTameAOE — tames all creatures within the specified radius by exchanging “radius” by a specified value (default is 2000).
  • GiveCreativeMode — changes the setting to creative mode.
  • GiveCreativeModeToTarget — changes target player setting to creative mode.
  • GiveCreativeModeToPlayer — replace by user ID to change his or her setting to creative mode.


  • Summon — summons dinosaurs and creatures. replace by the code of the creature of your choice from the following:
    • Allosaurus: Allo_Character_BP_C
    • Ankylosaurus: Ankylo_Character_BP_C
    • Archaeopteryx: Archa_Character_BP_C
    • Astrocetus: Spacewhale_character_bp_c
    • Bloodstalker: Bogspider_character_bp_c
    • Brontosaurus: Sauropod_Character_BP_C
    • Carnotaurus: Carno_Character_BP_C
    • Dilophosaur: Dilo_Character_BP_C
    • Dimetrodon: Dimetro_Character_BP_C
    • Dimorphodon: Dimorph_Character_BP_C
    • Diplocaulus: Diplocaulus_Character_BP_C
    • Diplodocus: Diplodocus_Character_BP_C
    • Doedicurus: Doed_Character_BP_C
    • Dragon: Dragon_Character_BP_C
    • Dunkleosteus: Dark_Character_BP_C
    • Electrophorus: Eel_Character_BP_C
    • Gallimimus: Galli_Character_BP_C
    • Giganotosaurus: Gigant_Character_BP_C
    • Hesperornis: Hesperornis_Character_BP_C
    • Ichthyornis: Ichthyornis_Character_BP_C
    • Insect Swarm: Insectswarmchar_bp_c
    • Kaprosuchus: Kaprosuchus_Character_BP_C
    • Kentrosaurus: Kentro_Character_BP_C
    • Large Ferox: Shapeshifter_large_character_bp_c
    • Leedsichthy: Leedsichthys_Character_BP_C
    • Liopleurodon: Liopleurodon_Character_BP_C
    • Lystrosaurus: Lystro_Character_BP_C
    • Magmasaur: Cherufe_character_bp_c
    • Megachelon: Giantturtle_character_bp_c
    • Megaloceros: Stag_Character_BP_C
    • Megalodon: Megalodon_Character_BP_C
    • Megalosaurus: Megalosaurus_Character_BP_C
    • Microraptor: Microraptor_Character_BP_C
    • Morellatops: Camelsaurus_Character_BP_C
    • Mosasaurus: Mosa_Character_BP_C
    • Onychonycteris: Bat_Character_BP_C
    • Oviraptor: Oviraptor_Character_BP_C
    • Pachyrhinosaurus: Pachyrhino_Character_BP_C
    • Paraceratherium: Paracer_Character_BP_C
    • Parasaurolophus: Para_Character_BP_C
    • Pegomastax: Pegomastax_Character_BP_C
    • Pelagornis: Pela_Character_BP_C
    • Plesiosaur: Plesiosaur_Character_BP_C
    • Procoptodon: Procoptodon_Character_BP_C
    • Pteranodon: Ptero_Character_BP_C
    • Quetzalcoatlus: Quetz_Character_BP_C
    • Raptor: Raptor_Character_BP_C
    • Rex: Rex_Character_BP_C
    • Stegosaurus: Stego_Character_BP_C
    • Therizinosaur: Therizino_Character_BP_C
    • Thorny Dragon: SpineyLizard_Character_BP_C
    • Thylacoleo: Thylacoleo_Character_BP_C
    • Titanoboa: BoaFrill_Character_BP_C
    • Titanosaur: Titanosaur_Character_BP_C
    • Triceratops: Trike_Character_BP_C
    • Troodon: Troodon_Character_BP_C
    • Tusoteuthis: Tusoteuthis_Character_BP_C
    • Woolly Rhino: Rhino_Character_BP_C
    • Yutyrannus: Yutyrannus_Character_BP_C

  • SummonTamed — works like the previous code, but the creature is already tamed. You can use the same creature codes listed above.


  • TPCoords — teleports the player directly to the indicated location. Fields need to be changed (the latter is optional, but helps to reach places like the highest point of the map, the bottom of the sea, etc.) for real game values, which can be found on this website or on this interactive map.
  • Teleport — moves the character forward until the player collides with something.
  • TeleportPlayerIDToMe — moves a specific player’s character directly to where the player is. It is necessary to change by the identification of the other player.
  • TeleportPlayerNameToMe — moves a specific player’s character directly to where the player is. It is necessary to change by the other player’s username.
  • TeleportToPlayer — teleports the character to a location close to another player. It is necessary to change by the identification of the other player.


  • DestroyAllEnemies — eliminates all creatures or characters on the map.
  • DestroyMyTarget — eliminates your target.
  • DestroyStructures — destroys all player structures.
  • DestroyTribeDinos — eliminates dinosaurs from all tribes.
  • DestroyTribeId — delete the specified tribe, replace by the identification of the tribe.
  • DestroyTribeIDPlayers — eliminate players from the specified tribe, replace by the identification of the tribe.
  • DestroyTribeIdStructures — delete structures of the specified tribe, replace by the identification of the tribe.
  • DestroyWildDinos — Destroys all available untamed creatures on the map.

multiplayer commands

  • Kill — Kills the target character or creature.
  • KillPlayer — Eliminates the indicated player. replace by identifying the player you want to eliminate.
  • ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe — Forces a player to join the target tribe. exchange by identifying the target player.
  • ForceJoinTribe — Forces your own entry into a tribe.
  • MakeTribeAdmin — Makes the player the admin of the tribe.
  • MakeTribeFounder — Makes the player the founder of the tribe.

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