Are you addicted to relationship apps? See the signs

That addiction to social networks is real everyone already knows, but what few people know is that it is possible to become addicted to relationship apps. After all, anyone who has never seen an acquaintance frantically dragging photos to the right or left amid meeting friends, the classroom or even at work. But can this behavior be harmful to the user?

A 2019 study by a group of researchers at the University of Kansas tried to understand what the effects of the overuse of these apps are for the user. At the end of the test, the researchers concluded that people who use relationship apps can become very demanding to choose a partner. According to the study, the human mind gets used to “judging” a person by appearance, a factor that can interfere with how we see other characteristics, such as charisma and good humor, for example.

And at the time H?

According to Carla Cecarello, a sexologist at the C-date casual dating site, addiction to dating apps can have major impacts on the user’s sexual life. “Some very common problems are the loss of libido and the lack of desire to be with someone personally,” he says. She explains that when you get used to chatting only through the application, the user tends to be unmotivated by finding characteristics “different” from what he saw in the photos, in the profile description or in the conversations themselves.

In addition, Cecarello explains that most users who end up addicting to relationship apps are the most timid or insecure. “They are usually people who don’t have a lot of self-confidence, whether in terms of personality or appearance, so they end up ‘hiding’ behind apps,” he says.

Most users who end up addicting to relationship apps are the most shy or insecure, according to an expert (Photo: reproduction)

How to identify?

But is it possible to identify signs of a person who is possibly addicted to dating apps? According to Antonia Hall, a psychologist specializing in relationships and author of the book A Guide to a Life of Multiple Orgasms, yes.

“The algorithms of these applications were developed to keep the user in the hope that a possible match will happen, which basically makes it similar to a slot machine, offering a quick reward for continuous efforts,” he tells the Datazie portal. She explains how a person can recognize addiction:

1. You are in a relationship and cannot delete the app

Imagine that your friend says he found your partner’s profile on Tinder, even though you’ve been officially together for months. Experts say that this can be a great sign that the partner is addicted to relationship apps. This is because the user can always be waiting for a new match or a “better” option.

2. It disrupts your routine

If you lose focus on everyday activities, such as work tasks, studies or even when going out with friends because you are often entering the app, be careful. Hall explains that it is recommended to open the app only at really vague times of the day.

3. Give up doing something to keep using the app

Missing a happy hour after work, for example, just to spend more time in the app choosing a match can be one of the most obvious signs. When that happens, Hall recommends: “Try putting your profile aside for a day; maybe you already have something in your life, like friends or a hobby, that can give you more joy than an app.”

The expert Cecarello, however, explains that the use of flirting platforms can also be beneficial. “By using these apps in a healthy way, the person can increase their sexual repertoire, improve dialogue issues, exchange safe information about sex and many other things,” he says.

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