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A new month begins with a new wave of downloadable games. The eight games that will be distributed to all Prime Gaming subscribers for April have been released by Amazon. The treats once again mix between popular titles and some lesser-known ones, but all worth checking out. In the following lines you will know more details about each game, in addition to other highlights.

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The highlight of the time is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Image: Technoblog)

With a huge legion of fans all over the world, the fourth main title in the franchise The Elder Scrolls offers a vast open world, dozens of quests and many hours of gameplay. You can be whoever you want and do just about anything you’re interested in, the freedom in this game is something that’s rarely seen in the industry.

In addition, the high level of exploration makes the journey never the same with each new game. I’ve lost count of how much time I put into this work, but I’m already thinking about starting all over again.

Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

For those who knew the franchise as a tower defense, you can be prepared to find a game totally different from its original. Here, the gameplay is a third-person shooter in matches between teams of zombies or plants.

Players need to choose their character among the four available classes to go into battle. It is possible to customize clothes and weapons, giving a lot of style to the game. If you like games like Rainbow Six: Siegethen you will feel at home in this Plants vs Zombies.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge

Developed by the point & click genre masters at LucasArts, this pirate adventure brings back protagonist Guybrush Threepwood facing off against his arch-nemesis LeChuck. The entire narrative is focused on a search for a great treasure.

In terms of gameplay, you can expect a lot of investigation and puzzles. In addition, the insane dialogues give that touch of comedy throughout the game. Even though it’s not my favorite of the chronology Monkey Island (this post goes with the third game), this is an excellent journey.

Nanotale – Typing Chronicles

An RPG in which you have to type with speed to face the most diverse dangers. Here, the protagonist named Rosalinda is an archivist who travels across a world to explore and learn, claiming that knowledge is the best weapon and tool.

The player needs to enter dungeons, discover unique places like a blue desert and an ancient forest. Oh! It is worth noting that Nanotale is considered the spiritual successor of Epistory.

Guild of Ascension

For those who like tactical RPG and rogue-lite games, Guild of Ascension is the best request of this wave of Prime Gaming’s April titles. Here, you have to climb a tower while facing all kinds of enemies. With each victory, new rewards are offered.

From there, you can improve your characters’ skills and equipment. All this to face new floors and challenges of this long journey.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

To continue evading his taxes, a smart turnip must solve puzzles, harvest plants and face monsters and beasts willing to end his life. All this to overthrow a corrupt government led by an onion.

With such a premise, it’s hard not to suggest that you at least try this game developed by indie studio Snoozy Kazoo. Oh! Everything in the game is extremely cute.

Galaxy of Pen and Paper

Featuring a sci-fi-themed tabletop RPG gameplay, this April Prime Gaming title oozes personality. All gameplay is based on a story telling in which the narrator indicates the dangers for the adventurers. Thus, the player has to make decisions and face varied dangers.

All this with a pixelated graphic style, a nice soundtrack and a lot of charisma. If you’ve ever had fun playing games of Dungeon & Dragons, Gurps or even 3D&Tthen you should try Galaxy of Pen and Paper.

House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets

This point & click adventure features the protagonist Kate Reed who must solve four mysteries inside a mansion. The theme of supernatural mysteries sets the pace, offering complex puzzles that will require a lot of reflection on the part of the player.

The art has a slightly cartoonish style, while its soundtrack is dark throughout the gameplay. It can be interesting for a more uncompromised game.

More benefits of the month of April

In addition to the eight games that can be installed on your PC, it is clear that some extra content will be offered by the service.

Through a partnership made with Activision Blizzard, subscribers will be able to redeem monthly offers at Overwatch e Hearthstone. This includes Legendary and Common Loot Boxes, Random Legendary Cards, and Common Packs in each game respectively. Amazon also confirmed that extra content for World of Warcraft e Starcraft: Remastered soon will be offered.

Finally, the service will offer exclusive content for Lost Ark, League of Legends, Lords Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang e Fall Guys.

What did you think of April’s Prime Gaming titles? Were you disappointed or excited? Tell us!

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