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To find cheaper gasoline, there are two schools: some arm themselves with a notebook and walk around the stations. The others use the apps to find the best prices! Here are the best Android apps to stop paying too much for gas.

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There are no small savings, and finding the cheapest gas stations near you can save you a hell of a lot of money in the long run. This is all the more true as the price of fuel keeps being revised upwards lately. During the month of September, the market suffered an inflation of 2.2% compared to last year.

This new increase in the price of gasoline can be explained in particular by higher inflation than expected in France. As a reminder, economists believe that the level of inflation should not exceed 2%, without falling too far below this limit. On Twitter, many of them share their desolation after having refueled. Here is our selection of applications to find the cheapest fuel possible.

Petrol / Diesel Now: the smartest

gasoil now

Since its launch, Gasoil Now has seen its popularity grow exponentially. And so much the better, because the application works thanks to the participation of its community. By opening the application you are directly geolocated. The petrol stations near your location as well as the prices applied are also displayed. All you have to do is select the one of your choice for an itinerary to be proposed to you. Note that the app also calculates the price of your tank based on the capacity of your tank.

Google Play

Essence & Co: undoubtedly the most complete

essence & co

Essence & Co is very similar to Gasoil Now, except for a slightly less pleasant interface. It nevertheless benefits from a very active community, the largest of the Play Store. You can therefore count on very precise price variations. It also displays the service stations in the form of a list, and to view those which are currently out of stock.

Google Play

Fuelio: an application to discover


Fuelio does not directly display the prices of gas stations, but rather allows you to better manage the cost of your car as a whole. It allows you to follow habits that you normally don’t think about, and allows you to significantly reduce your consumption!

Google Play



Zagaz offers filters such as the search radius or the maximum price searched to offer you stations that meet your criteria, including highways. However, depending on where you are, the application does not always offer all the updated information. To make up for it, it has other qualities such as its “Warning” mode dedicated to motorway journeys and the display of information on service stations.

Google Play

Fuel Flash: to find cheaper gasoline, including abroad

fuel flash

Fuel Flash is particularly suitable if you are near a border. The application gives the price of fuel in 60,000 service stations in France, but also in Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The app bases its prices on official data rather than crowdsourcing. It also offers a history of prices applied during the last days.

Google Play

Cheaper fuel: the alternative for cross-border commuters

cheap fuel

This application is probably not the most ergonomic, but it remains extremely complete and well updated to save money by going to buy your fuel across the border. This application provides access to data from service stations in Germany, Austria, France and Italy.

Google Play

If you know of any other apps or have any other tips or advice, feel free to share them in the comments!

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