Apple will launch iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7 this Wednesday (16) | Applications and Software

THE Apple announced that the final versions of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 will be released this Wednesday (16). The launch of the new operating systems was revealed with new models of Apple Watch and iPad, but they arrive before the expected iPhone 12, which is expected to delay this year and reach the market only in October.

iOS 14 has new start screen, privacy enhancement and more secure Safari

THE iOS 14 features a redesigned start screen, for the first time with support for widgets: they have different sizes and show the weather forecast, the latest podcasts, your upcoming appointments or whatever else your applications support. A new feature called Apps Library lists all applications installed on a single screen and automatically organized by categories.

The new version also includes the Picture in Picture (PiP) to display FaceTime videos or calls in the corner of the screen, as well as redone interfaces to take up less visual space: the Siri Personal Assistant will only display an icon at the bottom to show that she is listening to you and will respond with a discreet notification at the top, in instead of taking the entire screen.

Apple also focused on accessibility, which can use artificial intelligence to describe photos for people with visual impairments, or recognize sounds like babies crying, doorbell ringing or dog barking for those who cannot hear. There is also a feature to perform an action (like taking a print or displaying the Notification Center) by double or triple tapping the back of the iPhone.

iOS 14

Safari won a report that shows all crawlers blocked on a given website. To reinforce its privacy, you can provide apps with an inaccurate location, such as your neighborhood or city, instead of your exact address; you can also limit access to your personal photos.

IOS 14 will be released to all users from the iPhone 6s (check out the full list) on Wednesday (16). This is an unusual launch, as Apple does not usually launch a new version of iOS before a new generation of iPhones. This time, however, the company informed investors that the new phones will be delayed in 2020, arriving “a few weeks later”.

iPadOS has Scribble for typing doodling

IPadOS 14 brings many of the new features of iOS 14, but comes with features optimized for iPads. One of them is the Scribble: in any text field, you can write by hand with Apple Pencil and the content will be automatically converted to typed text. This works in any application and in Brazilian Portuguese.

Native applications have been redesigned. THE Photos won a sidebar to easily access albums, favorite photos, places and all the options that were previously hidden. THE Files has been redesigned, resembling even more the macOS Finder. In addition, Music, Shortcuts, Recorder, Calendar, Notes, Email and Contacts have gained a new sidebar for a more unified experience.

iPadOS 14

The new system will be available for all tablets from the iPad Air 2, launched in 2014. Check the complete list of iPads compatible with iPadOS 14.

watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 will be released on September 16

With less news, we have the update of tvOS 14, with PiP mode, support for more than one user and integration of surveillance cameras with HomeKit. The system will finally be able to play 4K videos in the YouTube app on a compatible Apple TV.

Apple Watch Series 6

The watchOS 7 it comes with a sleep monitoring and hand washing detection feature: it starts a 20-second counter as soon as you start cleaning and warns you if you interrupt the process before the recommended time. Apple Watches will still be able to recognize more categories of exercises, such as dance and functional training.

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