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A survey carried out by the Techblog shows that Brazil is home to the Most Expensive Apple Watch Series 7 in the World, with prices up to 140% higher than in other countries. The values ​​in reais were released this Friday (8) and start at R$ 5,299 – they are the same as the Watch Series 6. Still, this means that the smart watch sold for US$ 399 in the US will cost around a thousand dollars this way.

watchOS 8 (Image: disclosure/Apple)

Apple Watch Series 7 no Brasil e no exterior

O Techblog compared Apple Watch Series 7 prices on two models: 41mm aluminum and 41mm stainless steel. (The watch also comes in 45mm size.) Surveys in about 30 countries consider the lowest price for each of these two versions; values ​​are higher depending on the bracelet you choose.

Converted into dollars, the price of Watch Series 7 Aluminum is approximately US$ 960 in Brazil – that is, it is 141% more expensive than in the US. In all other countries consulted, Apple sells this model for less than $600.

In case of Watch Series 7 Stainless Steel, the price difference is slightly smaller – but it’s still big. It costs around US$1,540 in Brazil, or 120% more that in the US; and no more than a thousand dollars in any other country.

We are talking here about the US price without sales tax; states like New Hampshire, Montana and Oregon have zero tax. However, the value does not change drastically when considering the 8.875% rate charged in New York, one of the main destinations for Brazilians. (In California, taxation is slightly lower.)

Photo in portrait mode is a new feature of watchOS 8 (Image: Press/Apple)
Photo in portrait mode is a new feature of watchOS 8 (Image: Press/Apple)

Why are Apple products so expensive in Brazil?

Brazil is also the country with the most expensive iPhone 13 in the world: it will have prices up to 85% higher than in the US when it arrives here in October.

There are two main factors for the higher prices in Brazil in relation to other countries:

  • Brazil has a heavy load of taxes and selling costs, including commission, freight and interest-free installment payment;
  • Apple charges more in Brazil because the price is a form of differentiation, and this is a brand positioning.

Yes, there are more affordable ways to use a watch with an iPhone. This is the case of Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite; the latter is on sale for R$919.99 by the official distributor DL ​​Eletrônicos. However, they end up working better with Android phones because iPhones don’t allow such deep access to system resources — except for the Apple Watch, of course.

In Brazil, you can also find the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with Wear OS and suggested price from R$ 1,999, but it is not compatible with iPhones.

Apple Watch Series 7 prices in Brazil and worldwide

Below are prices for the 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 in 30 countries, taken from the official Apple store and listed in descending order. Values ​​were converted from local currency to US dollar on October 8, 2021.

It is worth noting that, in Canada, we consider the amount charged in Toronto (Ontario) with 13% sales tax. Also, the stainless steel model is not listed on Apple’s official website in the Philippines, Netherlands and Russia.

Country Apple Watch Series 7 Aluminum (41mm) Country Apple Watch Series 7 Stainless Steel (41mm)
Brazil US$ 961 Brazil US$ 1.542
India US$ 557 Norway US$ 934
Norway US$ 548 India US$ 930
Russia US$ 515 Sweden US$ 881
Sweden US$ 514 Italy US$ 855
Denmark US$ 513 Portugal US$ 855
Italy US$ 508 Finland US$ 855
Portugal US$ 508 Denmark US$ 855
Finland US$ 508 Spain US$ 843
United Kingdom US$ 503 France US$ 843
Spain US$ 496 Germany US$ 843
France US$ 496 New Zealand US$ 831
Holland US$ 496 Mexico US$ 820
Germany US$ 496 United Kingdom US$ 816
Mexico US$ 483 Canada US$ 815
Canada US$ 480 China US$ 776
China US$ 465 Australia US$ 767
Philippines US$ 454 United Arab Emirates US$ 762
Switzerland US$ 452 USA (NY) US$ 761
New Zealand US$ 450 Switzerland US$ 754
Singapore US$ 442 Japan US$ 738
Australia US$ 438 Singapore US$ 737
United Arab Emirates US$ 435 Malaysia US$ 718
Japan US$ 435 South Korea US$ 710
USA (NY) US$ 434 Taiwan US$ 709
Taiwan US$ 424 Hong Kong US$ 706
Malaysia US$ 419 USA (no sales tax) US$ 699
South Korea US$ 417 Philippines not available
Hong Kong US$ 411 Holland not available
USA (no sales tax) US$ 399 Russia not available

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