Apple TV is coming to some Sony Bravia Android TV, soon an Android app?

Sony announces the arrival of the Apple TV app on a wide selection of its Bravia TVs running Android TV. The Japanese firm will start rolling out an update for all affected products. This arrival, which follows that of Apple TV on the latest Amazon Fire TVs, could suggest that a native Android application could emerge, as for Apple Music.

Three weeks ago, we relayed in our columns the launch of several new products at Amazon. Its streaming game service called Luna. A new security camera for the Ring brand. New connected speakers for the Echo range. And even two new dongles, the Fire Stick TV and Fire Stick TV Lite. The American firm took the opportunity to announce the arrival in Europe (and therefore in France) of the Fire TV Cube.

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This is a product that combines all the benefits of a Fire TV Stick and an Echo smart speaker. And, most importantly, it runs on a customized version of Android TV. Many video streaming services are available on the Fire TV Cube: Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Twitch, Disney + as well as… Apple tv. This is the first time Apple TV has arrived on Android TV (although this version of Android TV is heavily modified).

All Apple TV content and services

And it won’t be the last. Indeed, Sony announces the arrival of a update for its Bravia televisions running on Android TV. This update includes a native app for Apple TV +. From this application, you will of course find all the exclusive content created by the Cupertino company, as well as the films and series that you have rented.

You will also find access to various premium channels: Starz, Showtime, or even CBS All Access in the United States (in France, you will instead have access to Mobi, Nuggin and StarzPlay). Sony confirms that it will be possible to subscribe to Apple TV + via TV. You don’t necessarily need an iPhone or iPad for this. On the other hand, an Apple account will obviously be necessary.

Apple TV will arrive on affected Bravia televisions before the end of the year through a system update. Like any update, it will be rolled out gradually, so sometimes you have to be a little patient. Especially since some televisions will not start receiving firmware until the very end of the year.

The models concerned are those which work on Android TV and which have been marketed since 2018 (for part of the catalog only), 2019 and 2020 (for the vast majority of models). The first television concerned will obviously be the XH90, Sony’s latest high-end television.

Bravia’s become AirPlay and Homekit compatible

And that’s not all. Sony also confirms these same televisions will be compatible Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit. This means that you will be able to use an iPhone to display content, mirror your screen, launch a remote program and control your home automation accessories compatible with the Apple standard. In addition, the iPhone will become a remote control that will control a Sony television, much like the Apple TV set-top box.

Sony therefore joins Amazon, LG, Samsung, Roku and Visio among the manufacturers who integrate Apple TV + in some of their audiovisual products. This spread of Apple TV makes sense: Apple cannot afford to leave its streaming service confined to its ecosystem. The same decision was made for Apple Music: a native Android app was rolled out a few months after launch on iOS / macOS.

But the partnership with Sony also marks the arrival of the service on a more open version of Android TV. And there’s a good chance Apple will push this cross-platform strategy even further with other TV brands. Further still, like Apple Music, we believe that an app may even arrive on the Play Store soon. It remains to be seen whether this application can be installed on Android TV devices such as Shield TV or Freebox Pop. And with which version of the operating system it will be compatible (Amazon Prime Video requires for example Android TV 9).

What do you think of the arrival of Apple TV + in the Android universe? Would you be willing to try the service? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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